What might cause some women to become indecisive?

women choose to be indecisive because it frees them from any responsibility and consequence of a bad descision. the feminist movement doesnt help this case at all. with all the option that an indecisive women have, taking your time to make a decision seem like the way to go. but time can be cruel. if women waits so long that their reason for being picky loses value, there can be a dilemma. for instance, her looks or her skills at a particular career field or etc, can be at an all time high now, but by waiting too long she risk her stock going down. as far as the job goes, supply and demand can interfer with revenue. if someone else can do it, they are not as valued. the time to finally decide is not when your stock went down because by that time intelligent people who are waiting for you to decide know you are not on the drivers seat of getting what you want by that time. energy is neither lost nor destroyed. it is just simply transformed from one party to the next. because she was indecisive when she was at her peek in power and position, the person waiting for her to be decisive can do the same when her powers decrease. men do it also to be fair. just answering the question. everybody is trying to gain an edge. but the indecisive party is screwed. the person will not choose because they have options. however, when the options are not there anymore it is too late to choose. sorry for not having capital letters in the beginning of my sentences. my computer is acting up.