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What might cause the clutch to stick?

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More than likely you have a hyd. clutch and either the slave cylinder Mounted down at the transmission is bad or the master cylinder up in the motor compartment is bad. if it is cable operated you cable may be bad. there are other things that can happen but check this first.

2004-07-01 07:58:42
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What causes the clutch pedal to stick on a 2004 Wrangler Rubicon?

you might have a air in your clutch system or your clutch master/or slave could be worn.

On a 1990 Isuzu Amigo what would cause the clutch pedal to stick to the floor?

if its hydraulic there could be air in your line. bleed your clutch and refill.

What would cause stick shift to jam when car is on and clutch pressed but shift fine when car is off without stepping on clutch?

sounds like clutch needs adjustment or time to replace it

What would cause a slight nosie near clutch area and goes away when you pull on the clutch lever kx125 kawasaki?

Slack in the clutch release or clutch basket. It might adjust out.

How do you tell whether a car is standard or automatic?

If it has a stick shift and clutch, it is standard. If no clutch and stick shift, it is an automatic.

How long to replace clutch on Renault laguna?

Take out the old clutch. Place safely out of reach of any children. Pick up the new clutch and stick it in. You might need help from a friend as they can be heavy. Best of luck.

What could cause a manual to stall when stopping but idle fine?

I would check clutch plate, if faulty renew, the clutch might need adjusting.

What is clutch drag?

Source Q: What causes my clutch to stick or drag? A: There is no single cause of a sticking clutch. Some more common reasons for a sticking clutch are:- Clutch controls are improperly adjusted. Clutch cable is collapsing.- Clutch spring tension is to tight, spring binding.- Too heavy an oil has been used in the clutch. A thick viscosity oil can cause the plates to stick, especially when cold.- Clutch oil is 'worn out' or burnt. The oil has been in the clutch to long, clutch plate wear is excessive causing slippage, or a driving style that slips the clutch. Changing the oil in a clutch often improves the situation.- Clutch plates are warped. Friction plates or metal plates may be warped.- Improper adjustment on primary drive chain/belt.Hope This Helps.

Which stick head is better brine clutch or stx18?

The brine clutch! No doubt about it. The brine clutch! The stx18 sucks.

Why does your Peugeot 207 clutch pedal stick down?

Fault with clutch master cylinder.

What causes a clutch pedal on a Ford F-250 to stick on the floor and not disengage?

It sounds to be like the spring that brings the pedel back up might have came off or broke but not sure cause I know that happened to my truck

What is a standard car?

A stick shift with a clutch

What would cause the gearshift on a 1995 Chevrolet Lumina to be hard to move?

The clutch might not be completely disengaging.

What is wrong if the clutch pedal does not come back up fully and gears stick?

You may need to adjust your clutch or replace your clutch.

How do you put a Ford Fiesta into reverse?

easy you get the gear stick and on there underneath the stick will be a little clutch button of sum sort and then you put into reverse along with the clutch in

What makes a fan clutch fail I fixed a front oil seal leak on my Suzuki Samurai but now I'm thinking that the oil might have made the fan clutch fail...?

The oil can cause the fan clutch to slip against the fan clutch plate. The slipping will wear out the fan clutch plate.

What would cause a stick shift to slip out of first and third gears when the clutch is engaged?

It's worn out, bad linkage or worn shift levers.

What might cause a gear shift to stick in drive?

Rust, Ice, Something bent,

Are stick bugs harmful to humans?

No, but watch out cause they blend in well and it might scare you.

What would cause a whining sound when you press in your clutch?

A worn out clutch release bearing would cause a whining sound when you put your foot on the clutch.

Where is the dip stick clutch fluid on a 2001 ford mudtang?

On a 2001 Ford Mustang the clutch is operated by a cable , so it does not have a clutch fluid reservoir like a hydraulic clutch

What makes car stall while in gear?

A problem in the fuel line could cause it to stall. On a stick shift, letting off the clutch too soon would cause the vehicle to stall.

Your clutch makes a funny noise when you step on it How do you fix it?

When your clutch makes a funny noise when you step on it, you might simply have sand in the mechanism. You can begin by cleaning the clutch. If this does not help, check the clutch slave cylinder to see if it is working properly as it tends to cause a squeaking sound when it is damaged.

What would cause the clutch to stick on a 1992 Totota 4x4?

problem in the clutch linkage or throwout bearing, check for binding in the exterior linkage before getting into the bearing, it may be worn or just binding on the shaft, could also be clutch itself as springs may be weak from time

What could insufficient free play in the clutch cause?

A slipping clutch.