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What might happen to a 19-year-old who gets a 16- year-old pregnant?

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Depends on her parents they can charge you with Statutory rape if the State you live in will alow it. * What, if any, chargeable offense might be possible depends upon the state's AOC and other applicable laws. Individuals cannot file charges of any sort including those of rape, individuals file complaints The district or prosecuting attorney's office make the decision either independently or by convening a grand jury whether a complaint warrants the accused person being charged with the specific or any criminal offense.

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What happens if your period does not happen when it is supposed to happen?

Then you might be pregnant but if it is your second or third time having it, the dates might change a bit.

Does brooke get pregnant on One Tree Hill?

as of yet, no. there is a chance it might happen in future episodes, though. no she cant get pregnant

What will happen if you dont start taking the pill on the first day of your cycle?

You might go pregnant.

What does it mean when your ex boyfriend dreamed that you were pregnant?

Well that depends from who if it's from him then something good might happen with you and him.

Can your sim get pregnant by woohooing too much on sims 3 ambitions iPod?

I highly doubt that you can, but there might be a cheat or a lag that might make it happen :)

Is it safe to get pregnant after having a miscarriage?

Yes it is. 1/3 women have a miscarriage and that is sadly, to be considered normal. It might happen again and it might not but it have no effect on future pregnancies.

What happens if a pregnant cat gets kicked in the belly?

A lot of things could happen. Nothing might happen, or the kittens could die, or the cat could die. Don't do it.

Can you not miss your period but still be pregnant?

I've read on other sites that this does happen, and more frequently than someone might think.

What does it mean if your boyfriend dreamed you were pregnant?

you might be pregnant!

Why do people need to be informed about spina bifida?

People need to know what might happen if the mother doesn't take folic acid when pregnant.

Are pregnant women allowed at the deep end of the swimming pool?

Yes, its perfectly safe for a pregnant women to be at the deep end of the pool. no,it isn't because you never kno what might happen she might drown when birth comes in the she dies and so does her baby so no its not safe or allowed

You think you might be pregnant but you have just had a period are you pregnant or not?

Having a period means you are not pregnant.

If you have the LH hormone can you be pregnant?

You might have trouble getting pregnant.

What happens if you get your period late?

It means that your periods may be slihtly irregular, it is very common for this to happen. Otherwise, you might be pregnant, but i think you will know if you are :L

What if your period was due ten days ago are you pregnant?

You might be. Sometimes periods are late or you might miss one. This doesn't happen very often. If you don't get it within the next two weeks, you probably are.

Can your eyepet get pregnant?

Some people might want EyePets to be pregnant, but No EyePets Cannot get pregnant.

If you get your period late are you pregnant?

no if you miss a period you might be pregnant. if you have your period you are not.

What are the chances of becoming pregnant at the age of 48?

That might could happen. I think it just depends on if you've started minapos or not. But you should probably be able to. Why do ask?

Your boyfriend is 24 and im 15 n might b pregnant what can happen?

he could go to jail, your bbaby can be taken by the dcfs forever. wait for a life

What happen if a woman was 2 weeks pregnant and she takes an cytotec pills?

If she took the right dose the embryo would die. It might not come out but it would die.

Will a shortening menstrual cycle effect me getting pregnant?

It may in the sense that you might not ovulate when you expect to. But, just increase the times you are trying and I am sure it will still happen for you.

What happen if you cat is pregnant and it only bring one kitten from out there hidden spot does that mean she have others hidden?

She might, it's happened many times before.

Is white discharge normal while pregnant?

Yes. When you are pregnant your hormones go up and more than you think would happen. When and if it turns yellow or greenish, itchy or smelly,you should see your doctor because you might have an infection

How can a female get another pregnant?

By themselves, it can't happen. But one female could do collect semen from a male, and insert that into another female, which - if the timing is right and the semen is healthy - might make her pregnant. It'd be called artificial insemination.

What are symptoms of being pregnant at one month?

symptoms at one month pregnant include missed period, nausea, vomiting, change in appetite or no appetite at all and even cravings can happen thos early. . if you think u might be pregnant, its probably best for you to get a home pregnancy test.