What military group has the best medics?

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There are only two services that have "medics," the US Army and US Air Force. Medical personnel of this type in the Navy are referred to as Corpsmen. There are no medic MOS's in the US Marines.

Of all combat medical personnel of enlisted ranks, US Army Ranger medics, and those who serve as US Navy SEALs and USAF Para Rescue are perhaps the most comprehensively trained. Although, all Medics and Corpsmen are heroes in their own right.
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Boston medical group?

What is Boston Medical Group? Established in the U.S. 1998, Boston Medical Group is a network of independent physicians that has dedicated its practices to treating sexual dysfunction - specifically erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Using The Boston Method, a proprietary treatment pr ( Full Answer )

Best military in the world?

SAS is a British invention and stands for Special Air Service and their the people who do the most dangerous missions in the British Army. They have the worlds most longest hardest training.reason being its NOT a regiment that u can just walk in and "enroll" like everyother regiment,the S.A.S pick ( Full Answer )

What is combat medic in the military?

A combat medic is a trained soldier who is responsible for providing first aid and frontline trauma care on the battlefield. Also responsible for providing continuing medical care in the absence of a readily available physician, including care for disease and non battle injury. Combat medics are nor ( Full Answer )

How do you become a medic in the military?

First thing you have to do is to take the ASVAB and get the appropriate line scores to qualify. Upon doing that you need to talk to your recruiter about getting a garunteed job assignment into the Medical Corps. Then there is BCT and 68W10 AIT that you have to successfully complete . . . and then th ( Full Answer )

How do you be a medic in the military?

First make sure you are 18 years old and a legal U.S. Citizen by birth or naturalization or have Permanent Resident Status/Green Card. You do not have any past criminal convictions/felonies. (misdeamenors can be waived). 1. Get either a H.S. Diploma or a GED.. 2. Go talk to a military recruiter. I ( Full Answer )

Does the military do a medical background check?

The military will have individuals fill out a medical health survey. If they lie about their past conditions, they can be subject to court martial and dis-honorable discharge. And a background check will often reveal medical related information in billing.

Do you need to go to medical school to be a medic in the military?

No. You only have to go to medical school if you want to be a doctor in the military. What people refer to as "medics" are enlisted members of the military that are trained first as EMT's or similar equivilent. As your time (and rank) in the military increases you can apply to more schools to increa ( Full Answer )

What are the best military hospitals in the US?

Bethesda Naval Hospital in Washington DC. They treat all members of the armed forces and are staffed by members of mostly the US Navy but have US Army, US Marines, and US Air Force. Bethesda is commanded by an Admiral from the Navy. They have a very large VA center also. They also do cutting edge re ( Full Answer )

Which military group has the best snipers?

This is open to debate but the Marines are recognized as great snipers. They have the legendary Carlos Hathcock who complete very difficult missions but on the other hand Army snipers had more kills.

What group enforces military law?

Law enforcement in the U.S. Military is very broad. Considering military law, the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), can be exercised by Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO), Chief Warrant Officers (CWO), Commissioned Officers, and designated Civilians. The UCMJ or military law covers a vast array ( Full Answer )

Which country has the best military overall?

In my opinion the US has the best military overall as their only losses in wars is when they chose to cease fire i.e. Vietnam. The ragtag colonists along with help from France (losses most battles) beat what was then a military powerhouse of England. The US dropping the atomic bombs on Japan. Caused ( Full Answer )

What are the best military watches?

Up until Vietnam, Hamiliton used to be the traditional military watch contractor; always had trouble with them. Civilian Timex and Buluva are the best for the money.

Are there medical support groups?

Yes there are a lot of medical support groups out there depending on what people need. There re those medical support for drug addicts, for suicidal, for single parents, etc.

Who has the best military?

It could be China , Russia , America or Britain China has the most men. The US has the best technology, equipment, and vehicles. Britain is a little ways behind them, and Russia is a little ways behind them. So overall the US has the best military. Really depends on who's answering the questio ( Full Answer )

Can you get an military medical waiver if you have had surgery?

Depends on how much you've healed from the surgery, and if it would interfere with your duty as a soldier. You can get a waiver if the doctor signs off saying you're fit for duty, and if the Officer that it goes to next signs off on it. All waivers are treated differently, despite how alike they may ( Full Answer )

What kind of medical conditions will the military not accept?

For general enlistment, extreme vision or hearing impairment are disqualifying, as are chronic diseases (such as malaria) requiring regular hospitalization. Unrestricted use of the extremities, neck, back, and shoulder muscles is required. Some nerve disorders, and most psychological disorders, woul ( Full Answer )

What types of military groups does Israel have?

It only has two; the IDF, which is an integration of the Marines, Army, Navy, and Special Forces. The other one, is the IAF, the airforce.. IDF stands for "Israeli Defense Force," while IAF stands for "Israeli Air Force.". The third group, although not "truly" military, is Mossad; it conducts espi ( Full Answer )

Can you get a medical marijuana license as a military dependent?

Wish I knew too. I'm a military dependent and my guess is probably 'no'. I'm afraid to ask Tricare, not that they need to fund it... but they would know if it has been approved. I suppose I could try to call them just to see their reaction. That would be a start. If they get short with me on the pho ( Full Answer )

What is regal medical group?

It is one of the leading private hospital in south California whichhas been doing medical service to the people in and aroundCalifornia and also it is having more number of branches inAmerica.

What is the best military watch?

G Shocks are actually very good watches. They are shock proof, water proof. Gonna cost you about $80 to $100 for some of them.

How much do you get from a military medical discharge for knee?

It depends entirely on the level of disability. If you have 100% disability, you will receive 100% of the highest level of pay you received, i.e. if you reached the rank of Staf Sgt. E6 with fifteen years time in service and two years time in grade, you would receive 100% of the pay commensurate wit ( Full Answer )

Best branch of military to join?

That all depends on what you want to get out of it. If, for example, you wanted seafaring experience, you probably wouldn't join the Air Force. If you wanted to be a fighter pilot, then you'd "aim high" at the Air Force. So you need to figure out what you want to do, what you want to get out of yo ( Full Answer )

Can you take ADHD medication in the military?

No. The United States military does not allow its personnel to take ADHD medications; also, it does not recruit soldiers who have ADHD and take medication. If you currently take medication, it is recommended you quit taking it a year in advance of your application to the military.

What is the name of a Roman military group?

There are various names for Roman military units depending upon their size. The smallest was the contubernium, then the century, the cohort, and the legion. Several legions were considered an army. Although the whole army were called "Legion"

What country's military has the best technology?

The U.S. military is the most technologically advanced military in the world, China has the largest army in the world but not the best technology. Israel has arguably the best air force in the world and is always fighting. A good percentage of Russia's tech is left over stuff from when the soviet un ( Full Answer )

What are medical insurance group rates?

Group medical insurance rates are those which apply to policies that cover a group of persons, as distinct from individual policies. The groups that are insured generally have a common denominator, such as employment by the same employer, or membership in the same organization. Typically, since the ( Full Answer )

What are some reliable medical groups?

Some of the top rated medical groups according to the Integrated Healthcare Associated rating scale include Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, Sutter Medical Group, UCLA Medical Group, and Affinity Medical Group. These are all for California.

Which military is best for females?

Females can join any branch, the only MOS's that females cannot hold are Infantry jobs, jobs that deal directly with front line combat, and special operations.

Is the Southboro Medical Group reputable?

The reputation of the Southboro Medical Group will most certainly be determined by the reputation of the doctors who work there. Most user reviews for this group say that the SMG is a reputable and reliable service, though many have issues with one doctor or another and their bedside manners.

Where is the Dupage Medical Group located?

The Dupage Medical Group are located in many places across the state of Illinois. Visit the official Dupage webpage for each location, such as 1124 Stearns Road, Illinois.

What does a medic do in the military?

There are many types of medics in the military. The Army has relegated several enlisted medical MOS into a single MOS, which covers a wide range of jobs. I enlisted as a Combat Medic in the Army (prior to the reorganization where it became folded into the "Healthcare Specialist" MOS). I served wit ( Full Answer )

Where is the Summit Medical Group stationed?

There are several health systems in the US named Summit Medical Group. Among them are those headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, Colorado Springs, Colorado and Atlanta, Georgia.

What does the HealthPoint Medical Group do?

The HealthPoint Medical Group provides primary and specialist medical care. This is provided for adults and children. They are based in the Tampa Bay area.