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I believe that they used something called the Schilefin Plan of some sorts or other that a German general had made. He named the plan after himself. Anyway the plan was for Austria to send men to hold off Russia with some Germans while the main German armies held off the French and British in the western front. More men had to be sent off to the eastern front because the plan didn't quite work in the end. It was well thought out though, and part of it worked. Anyway, Austria also had to beat the Serbs. The Serbs weren't very big but they did alright. They had weapon support from the French and the Russians were their allies. One of Austria's old allies (Italy) then declared war on Austria, not Germany but later it did declare on them too. The Austrians pushed well at the beginning with a crushing defeat (with only peasant reserves who were not well equipped as all the main Austrian armies were in Russia) at the beginning but then the Italians hit back and struck Austria hard in 1917/18. This led to the Austro-Hungarian empire falling and Austria broke away from Hungary and I think a few minor states did too. But there was also another army to face before they were destroyed. The Romanians declared in 1916, not long after the Italians declared and they too were old allies. But the Romanians were greedy and they headed straight for Transylvania. There they were crushed by a mixture of Germans, Austro-Hungarians and men from the Ottoman empire (Turkey and surounding places I believe). The Romanians were crushed within 4 months. But they still had 1/3rd of Romania but Bucherest (capital of Romania) was taken. They helped the Russians till the Russian revoloution. The Austrian navy wasn't great but it did improve quite a bit during the war. Though the Germans had to do most of the fighitng with ships, Austria didn't do much or anything in Africa and I don't think it did much on the western front either. Austria had made one of the finest pieces of Artillery during the war. Although they only made 20 of them they were brilliant. They were the m11 Howtwitzers. They were incredibly deadly. They could hit men within 400 yards and go through brick walls as far as 100 yards away. They were also incredibly accurate. They made their fortresses stronger by testing this things on them. This way they could find out what could withstand the best artillery in the world at that time. They also had (like germany) a good academy for officers. Their army wasn't massive but it was still pretty big.

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Q: What military tactics did Austria-Hungary use during World War 1?
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