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What model danelectro did Jimmy Page use?


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It was a black 1959 Danelectro 3021 or better knows as the 59 DC.

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[In Led Zeppelin] In the 70's, he used a '59 Gibson Cherry Sunburst Les Paul, but he also used a red Gibson SG doubleneck, black and white Danelectro.

Among others, Jimmy Page uses Burstbucker and Pagebucker pick-ups.

Jimmy Page said in a 1977 interview with Steven Rosen that he used Herco Flex 75 Picks.

Depends on which year. For the three 1973 Madison Square Garden gigs that was in The Song Remains The Same, he used his Doubleneck SG, his cherry sunburst Gibson, and if he did White Summer/Black Mountain Side (not all of the songs were on the movie), he used his black and white Danelectro.

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