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Most of them used lutes, but some may have played mandolin.

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Q: What instruments did the troubadours use?
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What did troubadours use to accompany their singing?

Usually lutes, mandolins or guitars, although some sang unaccompanied and interspursed their songs with music on wind instruments or violins.

What did troubadours wear in medieval times?

Troubadours were said to not be seen often, and nobody really knows what they looked like. It seems that they used to wear semi-fancy clothing and feathered hats, carrying their instruments.

When was The Troubadours created?

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When was Strung-Out Troubadours created?

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Jongleurs and troubadours performed?

Jongleurs and troubadours performed music and sang.

When was Troubadours of Folk created?

Troubadours of Folk was created on 1992-04-21.

What did troubadours do?

Troubadours composed lyrics about the fights and deeds of a particular ruling family.

Are minnesingers and troubadours the same?

Yes, although minnesingers are from Germany and troubadours are from France

Where can one find some information about troubadours?

A person can expect to find information about troubadours by paying a visit to the local library and then locating books that give information about troubadours.

What are some good questions to ask for a research paper on medieval minstrels and troubadours and jongleurs and minnesingers and and trouveres?

How were troubadours important for the development of music in the middle ages How did jongleurs support troubadours What were the differences between troubadours, trouveres, and minnesingers as a result of location

What are the release dates for The Last of the Troubadours - 1917?

The Last of the Troubadours - 1917 was released on: USA: September 1917

What did troubadours wear?