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Do u really need mortgage insurance? Do u have any other life insurance policy? If yes, then that policy is sufficien. Just check that its amount is enough to cover your CURRENT mortgage amount. feel fre to contact back. Answer Mortgage insurance is usually required by the lender if the loan is in excess of 80% of the loan value of the property. A mortgage insurer is usually an investor or a group of investors. In most states there is no requirement for mortgage insurance when the loan is 80% or below the value of the property. A simple letter to the lender will usually get the mortgage insurance cancelled. If your home is in an area where values are increasing rapidly, then it is quite possible that you will have enough equity to drop the MI after only 2 years. Contact your lender

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Q: What mortgage insurance can you cancel after paying it for 2 years?
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Can your dad cancel your health insurance because he is mad at you you are a full time college student and I am twenty years old?

If your Dad is paying your premium for you, then he can stop paying the premium anytime he decides, which in turn will cancel your coverage.

How long do you pay for mortgage insurance premium?

You have the option to get a mortgage insurance for the length of your mortgage contract, or you can choose 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 40 years, etc.

In what countries is PMI mortgage insurance available?

Private Mortgage Insurance has become available in nearly every country in the world in the past ten years. The laws pertaining to mortgage insurance varies of course in every country.

How much will your credit scores increase after paying off a mortgage?

Your credit score will decrease after paying off your mortgage if everything else remains the same. Our credit score has been decreasing since paying off our mortgage 5 years ago. The suggestions for increasing our credit score were to take out a mortgage or take out a car loan.

Is there a statute of limitations for mortgage insurance claims?

Apparently there is a statute of limitations of a mortgage in Maryland of 9 years after the last payment was due.

Can an employer cancel the medical insurance of an employee who refuses to pay their 40 percent monthly share of the insurance premium?

Of course. Wouldn't you stop providing service to someone who stop paying for the service. As a matter of full disclosure, I own and operate a small Independent Insurance Agency in Georgia and have for 22 years. I also was an agent for a direct writer insurance company for 3 years prior.

How many years does it take before you can drop a private mortgage insurance?

It's not a matter of time. When you have equity of 20% or more of the total asset, you can petition the mortgage provider to drop its requirement for the insurance.

How many years of paying your mortgage do you pay off the principal?

All of them in gradual stages..... and a TON of interest...

What is the probability of flooding within the 30 years that you are paying on the mortgage?

either 25% or 75%...try both

Can you get money back on your life insurance policy if the company cancelled the policy after 15 years of paying?

Why did the company cancel? If you paid your premium, they can't. Was it a whole life, permanent, Universal Life or term policy. If term, there is no cash value.

Where does most of the money go in a mortgage?

In the typical 30 year mortgage, the first 20 years are mostly paying interest on the loan. You can expect to pay about 2.5 times of the original mortgage price for the life of the loan.

How to cut down the years of 30-year mortgage?

You can refinance the mortgage. You can pay additional principle each month. This will reduce the overall cost of the mortgage. By paying double the principle amount each month, you eliminate a payment at the end of the mortgage time.

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