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What movie and television projects has Chris Agos been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:03AM

Chris Agos has: Played Announcer in "Irritating Stick" in 1998. Played Nick in "Sandcastles" in 2004. Played Kurt in "Spammed" in 2009. Played Stan in "The Beast" in 2009. Played Andrew Ashur in "Freeborn" in 2010. Played Elliot McGantry in "Boss" in 2011. Played Roger in "The Chicago Code" in 2011. Played Bob Walker in "Cooper and Stone" in 2011. Played Dr. Doriot in "Chicago Fire" in 2012. Played Jim Jamison in "The Mob Doctor" in 2012. Played The Host in "Sex House" in 2012. Played Sam Salts in "Adirondack" in 2012. Played Kyle in "Betrayal" in 2013.