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What movie and television projects has John Albright been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:07AM

John Albright has: Played Warren - Page Boy in "Colleen" in 1936. Played Freshman in "Freshman Year" in 1938. Played Elevator Boy in "An Angel from Texas" in 1940. Played Officer in "Around the World" in 1943. Played Boy in "Love, Honor and Goodbye" in 1945. Played Usher in "Don Juan Quilligan" in 1945. Played Call Boy in "Till the Clouds Roll By" in 1946. Played Page Boy in "No Leave, No Love" in 1946. Played Seaman Telephonist in "Gallant Bess" in 1946. Played Quaker Scientist in "The Beginning or the End" in 1947. Played Assistant Photographer in "The Hucksters" in 1947. Played Page Boy in "Cass Timberlane" in 1947. Played Youth in "The Flame" in 1947. Played Corpsman in "Homecoming" in 1948. Played Bellhop in "The Bride Goes Wild" in 1948. Played Bellboy in "Act of Violence" in 1948. Played Reporter in "I, Jane Doe" in 1948. Played Bartender in "King of the Gamblers" in 1948. Played Western Union Messenger in "Easter Parade" in 1948. Played Look Photographer in "The Barkleys of Broadway" in 1949. Performed in "A Life of Her Own" in 1950. Played Bellboy in "Hit Parade of 1951" in 1950. Played Reporter in "Perfect Strangers" in 1950. Played Bellboy in "Key to the City" in 1950. Played Newsboy in "Meet Danny Wilson" in 1951. Played Medical Corpsman in "Thunderbirds" in 1952. Played Hotel Clerk in "Young Man with Ideas" in 1952. Played Bit Role in "My Sister Eileen" in 1955. Played Orderly in "The Adventures of Jim Bowie" in 1956. Played Waiter in "The Adventures of Jim Bowie" in 1956. Performed in "Kraft Mystery Theater" in 1959. Played Henchman in "Gangster Story" in 1959.