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The Clarinet belongs to the woodwind family.

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2012-08-07 01:12:16
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Q: What muscial family does the clarinet belongs to?
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In which orchestral family does the bass clarinet belong to?

it belongs in wood wind

Is clarinet belongs to the percussion family?

No, woodwinds. Percussion is drums xylophones ect.

What instrument family does the bassoon belong to?

it belongs to the woodwind section; more specifically the clarinet family.

Why does the clarinet belong to the wood wind family?

The clarinet belongs to the woodwind family because the reed (that you soak) vibrates and gives the clarinet the ability to make a sound.The same for saxophones, Alto saxophones,and bass clarinet.

What famiy does the clarinet belong to?

The clarinet belongs to the woodwind family, because most are mde of wood. The reed, which is needed to make the noise, is also made of wood.

What section in the orchestra does the clarinet belongs?


What is the clarinet used for?

A clarinet is a musical instrument. It belongs in the woodwind section. Used in symphonies and such.

The clarinet belongs to which section of the orchestra?

the woodwind, silly :)

What family of instruments is the clarinet part of?

The clarinet belongs to the woodwind family. Clarinets were originally made of wood, and still are, though most are plastic nowadays. It also requires the players breath, or "wind", to make a sound. Combine these two and you get a wooden wind instrument, or woodwind.

What is the family of a clarinet?

The Woodwind family

What family are the Oboe and the Clarinet in?

Woodwind family

What family does the mouse belongs to?

it belongs to the rodent family

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