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Medial rectus

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Q: What muscles allow you to cross your eyes?
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Is it bad if you cross your eyes?

No its just a myth. Your eyes have muscles that pull them back to the center.

Does your eye have a muscle?

There are several muscles that allow you to move your eyes.

What is the function of the muscles attached to the eye?

To allow the eyes to turn

Which muscles would you use to cross your eyes?

Medial Rectus Muscle and Inferior Oblique Muscle

Is it true that if you roll your eyes back they can stay that way?

No. First, your eye muscles will not allow you to roll your eyes all the way back.

What do muscles allow to do?

Muscles allow you to move.

What does skeletal muscles allow you to do?

Muscles allow the skeleton to move.

What muscles do cross trainers work out?

Cross trainers work out many muscles but mainly they work out the abdominal and arm muscles.

Why does your new born baby go cross eyed?

My now 12 yr old son went cross eyed when he was a baby and it was called Pediatric Strabismus. It is when the muscles in the eyes are weak and out of alignment. In my sons case, he had to see a specialist who chose to do surgery to reposition the muscles in the eyes. It was an outpatient surgery and the best choice that we could have made for our son. His eyes now are perfectly straight but due to the fact that the muscles are a bit weaker than normal he does have to wear glasses to keep one of his eyes from turning in slightly! Much better than the alternative of having the eyes crossed!

Which muscles allow you to flare your fingers?

The extensor muscles allow you to flare (straighten) your fingers.

What extrinsic eye muscles that allow you to direct your eyes?

The muscles are called the extraocular muscules, and they are the superior rectus, inferior rectus, medial rectus, lateral rectus, superior oblique, and inferior oblique.

Are eyes muscles?

There are a lot of muscles around your eyes that help them to move, but the eye itself isn't a muscle.

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