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The muscles that are used in softball are you use your triceps, bicepts, abs, and/ or core of you muscles

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Q: What muscles are used in softball?
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Related questions

What upper body muscles are used in softball?

what upper body muscles are used for softball your triceps and biceps and also your abs or core muscles

What muscles are used in playing softball?

Pretty much all of your muscles.

What bones are used in softball?

no bones are used- only muscles

What muscles are used in hitting a softball?

every muscle in the body

How many muscles are used in softball?

28. Does that answer this stupid question?

What muscle is used during softball?

Every Muscle is used in softball, but the main muscles are the ones on your arm for throwing and batting.

Muscles used in pitching for softball?

When pitching you use many muscles Arms Legs Hips

What upper body muscles are used in a softball throw?

The major muscles are Latissimus dorsi, core muscles, Shoulders and the minor muscles used are triceps and forearm.

What MUSCLES used when pitching softball?

There are no muscles that are not in use. In pitching a softball, the body moves as a coordinated unit, and virtually every muscle is in play for some reason.

What muscles do you use when you pitch a softball?

as a softball pitcher you would use a various amount of muscles. you shoulder, hips and thighs

What muscles are used when playing softball?

.all of them. especially your butt...because you're swinging the bat a lot

What muscles are you working when you play softball?

You're using majority the muscles of the legs in most of the softball skills from running to fielding and even when you bat and throw. Core muscles are used in most of the softball skills as well. When throwing you use your back and triceps for batting you're using your forearms as well. For pitching your shoulders, legs, core and back are working

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