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Then Penishyoidscrotal muscle

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Q: What muscles would prevent dislocation of the shoulder when a heavy weight such as a suitcase is carried?
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What is a fracture dislocation?

Normally your bones are kept together at the ends by muscles and joints. If you get injured you might dislocate a shoulder, meaning that your two bones meeting at a joint get slightly separated. As a result your shoulder looks crazy, it hurts and you can barely move it.A dislocation is when a joint comes out of the space that is is supposed to occupy, like a dislocated shoulder or hip.

Why would a dislocated shoulder also potentially result in injury to the rotator cuff?

Rotator Cuff Muscles (SITS) Supraspinatus Infraspinatus Teres Minor Subscapularis Rotator cuff muscles all attach to the head of the humerus and act to seat the head of the humerus firmly in the glenoid fossa to prevent shoulder dislocation. A dislocated shoulder means some/all of these muscles have been torn.

What is the angle of which muscle prevents the humeral head from sliding upward out of the joint as the arm is raised?

Shoulder joint is highly mobile joint. The head of the humerus is to large as compared to the cavity on scapula. Still the dislocation of the joint is very uncommon. You have four muscles attached around the head of the humerus. Subscapularis, supraspinatus, infraspinatus and teres minor. These muscles keep the head of the humerus tightly opposed to scapula regardless of the position of the arm. This prevents the dislocation of the shoulder joint.

What muscles are you using when you lift a heavy suitcase?

Pectoral Muscles, Biceps, and Triceps.

Are shoulders muscles?

deltoids are the back shoulder muscles and trapezoids are the muscles around the shoulder/neck/back area

What muscles do shoulder press work?

The shoulder press works the upper body muscles such as the deltoids and the triceps. The shoulder press also involves the core muscles.

What do the shoulder muscles do?

the shoulder muscle extends the arm

Why do you do streches in sport?

to stretch out your muscles. muscles like your leg muscles and shoulder muscles.

What two muscles are the shoulder adductors?

There are actually four muscles which make up the shoulder adductors. These muscles include the Pectoralis Major, Coracobrachialis, Latissimus Dorsi, and Teres Major.

Who has bigger shoulder muscles a swimmer or rugby player?

Well it depends between what swimmer and what rugby player as there are some swimmers with very big shoulder muscles and there are some with small shoulder muscles but viseversa there are some weak shoulder muscled rugby players and strong shoulder muscled rugby players..

What muscles cause horizontal adduction of the shoulder?

There are four muscles used for horizontal adduction of the shoulder. These muscles are the pectorals major, middle deltoid, latissimus dorsi, and coracobrachilis.

The name of the shoulder bone is called?

deltoids are the back shoulder muscles and trapezoids are the muscles around the shoulder/neck/back area