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What must a person achieve in order to become a wedding planner?


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Becoming a wedding planner is a natural talent. If you love planning events specially wedding and bridal showers then a career in wedding planning is definitely a yes. To read an article if you should be a wedding planner, go to

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There are many demands of a future wedding planner. This person must be organized and work well under stressful situations.

That would be the appropriately named Wedding Planner.

The independent wedding planner serves as the person who must bring together all of the required professionals to execute the wedding event. That includes the catering manager, musicians, church/ceremony person, photographers, rentals and more.

How much a wedding planner gets paid varies greatly on how popular she or he is and where the person works. A wedding planner can make from about 20,000 dollars per year to over a million dollars per year.

It is possible that a wedding planner will handle RSVP's but they already have so much to do. A better idea would be to have a designated person, like an aunt of the bride, handle them.

The word "best" is very subjective. The best for one person might be the worst for another one. Try to contact different people and gather data. After that, you can start to narrow it down to who is the best for you. Mark's Brides is the best wedding planner in Alabama. Another good wedding planner in Alabama is Top2Bottom Events

a choreographer is a person who creates dances and coordinates dance performances. a wedding planner, a wedding consultant, an event planner and a wedding coordinator are all the SAME EXACT thing- one career, multiple names; like how a lawyer can be called an attorney, a lawyer or a litigator (even though a litigator is a type of lawyer, they are still a lawyer) or how a doctors are called doctors, medical practitioners AND physicians- "a rose is still a rose if called by any other name"

Wedding planners can play an important part in creating a memorable day for a bride and groom. Successful wedding planners have plenty of ideas when it comes to wedding decorations, reception venues, flowers, photography, and more. It is important for an engaged couple to choose a wedding planner who is both successful and easy to work with.The first step in choosing an efficient wedding planner is to make a list of potential candidates. It’s wise to include local wedding planners as well as individuals who’ve been recommended by other couples. After making the list, a couple should contact the wedding planners and express a desire to talk with them. A professional wedding planner is likely to go out of his or her way to arrange to speak with an engaged couple in need of planning help.Next, a couple should create a list of questions to ask the wedding planners. A couple should ask about the experience of the person as well as what he or she charges. Many successful wedding planners will have photographs and other samples from weddings they have worked on. A wedding planner may also outline what he or she does to help a couple decide on the location of the wedding reception or even how to choose the wedding flowers. Most importantly, a wedding planner should listen to the ideas of the couple and answer any questions they have. After all, an ambitious wedding planner is anxious to garner a solid reputation.After considering the candidates, the couple should make a final decision on who they want to plan their wedding. The person should be easy to work with, creative, flexible, and willing to go out of his or her way to fulfill the couple’s wishes. In addition, a savvy wedding planner understands that a wedding can create a lot of stress for a couple. Consequently, he or she makes sure to keep the atmosphere as light as possible and tries to lessen the stress for the couple.Selecting the right wedding planner can take a great deal of stress off an engaged couple and allow them the opportunity to enjoy their big day.

A person may want to have a part time business and do wedding planning on weekends. This is a business that can be done on a small scale or a very large scale where more time is devoted to the business.

Whether or not a person gets health benefits is determined by their individual employer rather than their occupation. If a wedding planner is working for themselves, they will probably have to purchase their own health insurance.

AnswerNot neccessarily...being a wedding planner has a lot to do with connections and relationships in the beginning. I was interested in wedding planning for years and was given the fabulous opportunity of planning the wedding of a friend of my sister 4 years ago. Once you can say you have, in actuality, planned a wedding already it is far easier to build up trust and you have the chance to PROVE to others you know what you're doing even if you haven't had a degree in the area. An important piece though is to document...record bits of useful information along the up a portfolio so you have something to show prospective/future clients.

Following are the hiring practice for a wedding planner:Saves timeSaves moneySaves relationshipsEnsures dreams are made realitiesOffers adviceActs as the "go to person"Creates schedulesHandles crisisOrchestrates from rehearsal through the end of receptionMinimizes stress and maximizes fun!

To become a wedding or event planner, you must have an eye for detail. You should be a person who is able to plan your personal life and have a passion for entertaining people. Planning requires great attention to detail and a person who relates to people at all levels. I think any form of training or course that is given to a person intending to be a planner should be done not to learn the art of planning an event or a wedding, but rather to enhance your natural ability. Events/Wedding Planning is a passion that must come naturally. It requires a person who can work well under pressure, who is innovative and can make on the spot decisions. When you plan an important event, you cannot afford to falter under pressure, you should always have a Plan B in place and know how to keep your clients calm under any situation. I think to be a successful planner you have to be artistic as well because your creativity will also play a big part in the events you plan. Get yourself equipped by understanding the various areas that make us for a successful event, like catering, decorators, musicians, stationery printers, photographers, videographers etc. Build a strong vendor catalogue of people that you have experienced first hand and get to know what they offer. You need people that you can rely on in this business. You should also know how to market yourself well in this business. Image does matter. Generally you will need to take some courses (there are a lot offered online) and you can either join someone elses business or start your own. There are many ways to get started as an event planner. You can start your own business, apprentice with an event planner, get an event planner job, or take a course. Courses may be helpful in getting some jobs, but there is no industry-wide training requirement.

Depending on where your wedding is taking place. In some cases a wedding planner is employed by the venue where teh ceremony and wedding breakfast is taking place. This will undertake a full end to end assessment of your requests, cost them and agree terms etc for the big day. In other cases you can approach a person/company who is not attached to the venue and will be an intermediary between you and then venue etc. It will be then up to you to check their quality of work and look for references of what they have done for others. This is very important as a wedding is normally a once in a life time event and very costly especially if it isn't planned meticulously

its a person that plans like how the moey will be spent

If a person is legally married, the person can have a religious wedding ceremony. Some people become legally married before the ceremony, and some people renew vows in a ceremony after years of marriage.

A person should have many skills if they want to become an event planner. They should be skilled with organizing and have excellent planning and multi tasking abilities.

I want to become a very famous person, that WORLD should recongnize me!!!!

A person who sets up an event is called a party planner

try to ask the person who is giving out the role where to get it.

An event planner is a person who makes invitations to a given event.

CM is an acronym for Commercial Message. It is the term used to refer to TV advertisements. CM planner means the person who makes the script of the TV commercial.

A person that can provide you with good debt advice would be your financial planner. A financial planner can be found at a bank. Preferable a bank that you trust.

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