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Recieving an accurate answer requires asking an accurate question. Which Vietnam, north or south? Or Indochina in particular such as Cambodia, Laos, and current Vietnam or the former North/South Vietnams?


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France was the primary European nation involved with Indo-China prior to the US's entry into Vietnam.

Viet Nam was a French colony. They became military involved in Viet Nam around thirty years before the US.

That was France, who exited in 1954. See the Related Link below:

France returned to resume colonial control of Vietnam as they had before the war.

France had conflicts with north Vietnam and had sent troops along before the u.s and retreated around the time the u.s. got involved. The french sent the soldiers to south Vietnam since north Vietnam was resisting colonial control from France.

The Vietnam War, technically, began long before France or the US became involved. The early motivations were due to religious and political disagreements. In the 1960's and 70's the Allied nations fought in Vietnam to stop the spread of communism.

The Korean War was before Vietnam that the United States was involved in.

Just before the Vietnam Conflict, Vietnam was a colony under French rule. Before that time, China had control over much of Eastern and Southeastern Asia.

From 1885 until 1954 (excepting a brief period of Japanese control as the Empire of Vietnam) Vietnam was part of the colony of French Indochina. Before the war , Vietnam was divided into two, North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

The war was a stalemate before the United States became involved. After the United States became involved, the balance tipped to the Allied powers.

Our political liaisons supported a free election type government in South Vietnam from the beginning in 1955.

The war was a stalemate before the United States became involved. After the United States became involved, the balance tipped to the Allied powers.

The French fought there for ten years.

Well i would say that before the war they were both together but when the communist came in the area the north and the south Vietnam became two. the south was anti-communist and north Vietnam was communist. then there were the war which the North (vietcong) won. A few years after the Vietnam war, the north and the south Vietnam became one and is now today basically calledVIETNAM.

The U.S. sent funding and military support to French forces in Vietnam starting in 1950. By 1961 the US had military advisors stationed in Vietnam. The US did not become fully involved as a military force until 1965. The French fought for roughly 11 years prior to that. There is also the point that there have been military actions between North and South Vietnam hundreds of years before the French became involved.144 days????

Ha Noi, the capital of North Vietnam before and during the war years, remained as the capital of the united Vietnam. The former South Vietnam's Presidential Palace in Sai Gon became a museum.

The First Indochina War or the French-Indocina War.

No. Vietnam has a former name called Dai Viet before it was called Vietnam.

The French and the Native American's empires fought over the control of America before the English were involved. The French and Indian War took place between 1754 and 1763.

New Jersey became a colony before England took control of New Netherland. And this is how I know: England took control of New Netherland in 1664 and New Jersey became a Colony in 1702.

Before reunification, Vietnam was divided into North Vietnam and South Vietnam. North Vietnam had a Sino-Soviet backed Communist government, while South Vietnam had a Western-backed Democratic government (at least in principle). Prior to the division of North and South Vietnam, it was subject to a French colonial government, whose control of the region was interrupted during WWII, when a Japanese occupational government controlled the region.

Before World War Two, Vietnam had been part of the French Empire.There had been fighting in Vietnam for decades before the Vietnam War began.

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