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New Jersey had good farmland and was able to sell or trade its produce with other states.


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because the british wanted the natural recorces from everywhere and New Jersey coloney had a lot a natural recorces. because the British wanted natural resources and New Jersey had a lot of natural resources

Something to do with readily available natural resources...

Some of the most plentiful natural resources available in the New Hampshire Colony were the forests, the fish, and the whales. Fishing, whaling, and shipbuilding were the biggest industries.

economy resources traded in the new jersey colony were grain and argiculture

were jobs avalible in the new jersey colony

Trees, fish and also water were the natural resources.

Historically, agriculture was the main natural resource in New Jersey. Crops included hemp, grains, vegetables and flax. New Jersey had lots of fruit trees, including apple, pear, cherry, and peach. Fur trading was the first natural resource that attracted the Europeans. 18th century New Jersey had copper mining and iron mining. By 1790, New Jersey was mining 10,000 tons of iron ore per year. Located between New York and Philadelpia, New Jersey also developed an efficient transportation industry. Of course, in modern New Jersey the natural resources available are quite different than they were historically. they also had bean squash corn bear deer berries and lots more

Some of the jobs that were available in the colony new jersey were cobbler which was a person who remade and polishes shoes

what are some natural recorces in gorgia colney

Natural resources of Massachusetts Bay Colony included many varieties of seafood. There was also wildlife such as deer. There were also berries, and nuts growing wild.

The major natural resources in the Massachusetts Bay Colony were fish and whales. The area was not suitable for planting a lot of crops, but another natural resource was its large forests. The wood from the trees allowed the settlers in this colony to become expert shipbuilders.

the natrual recouses are due to the river there.

The natural resources of colony of Delaware were mainly iron ore and farm products. There were so many iron products made including ploughs, tools, kettles and so much more.

It is a source of both natural resources and man power

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Some natural resources in Rhode island are fish, rice, corn, and beans.

There were some wild grapes in Virginia. The soil was fertile. There was plentiful lumber for building items and meeting your personal needs. There were also fish in the ocean.

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