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egr vavle is very easy after a few replacements. its located under the throttle body with either 2 10mm or 12mm bolts. along with 1 plug. a little tricky at first, but do not take to a dealership for this, waste of time, and ive done about 30+ of these at my dealership. get the erg and the gasket. very easy, remove air filter box, undo all plugs, then replace egr. gl i was told to see if the line was disconted on mine if it was i d to repair it and it ws need to get fitting to conected 2 hoses together. if not then the erg vaulve box wasnt working. its a little black box on the fire wasl by the winshild .check the hose that is conected to it You have to know what the code reads. If it reads PO300, then most probably it is your egr valve. You either have to have it cleaned or replace it. I have that same problem with my Mazda Protege 2001 es and i will go this week to have it checked. Let's see how this will cost. I hope this will resolve my miss fire problem on the car. Alain If you look around at forums and discussion groups about this vehicle, the EGR often comes up. It seems that the check engine light and obd code come up when the egr valve sticks, which happens when it gets gummed up and/or dirty. I have often reset my check engine light by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery, and the light does not come on for weeks, sometimes months, and now it doesn't come on at all. If you take it to a dealership or mechanic out for bucks, they will tell you that you need a new EGR valve, charge you a few hundred bucks, and the thing will get gummed up again in no time. I would either take it apart and clean it out with some pressurized air and carb cleaner, or try reseting the code to see if it's really a constant problem. 60,000 miles after the first EGR related check engine light and I still haven't had any problems.

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Q: What needs to be done if the service station indicated that the EGR valve is the reason a 98 Mazda Protege SE check engine light came on?
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