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Drain the tank, drain the bowls of the carburetors, rinse the tank out with fresh gas, fill the tank with fresh gas, and change the oil. Remove the spark plugs and clean them. Turn the engine over several times before trying to start it, and do not rev it up really high at first. Check the tank for rust or corrosion, and the fuel lines for cracks. There may be varnish deposits in the carburetors, so run a premium grade of gasoline, preferably Chevron with Techroline, for at least the first four tanks. If there is rust in the tank, a kit can be purchased which has an acid for removing the rust, and an epoxy coating which is to cover the inside of the tank to prevent further rusting.

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Where is the transmission fluid temperature control sensor located?

Question needs more info, such as make/model...Sherman tank or Indian motorcycle, for example...

How can you remove the gas tank emblems on your motorcycle?

how can i remove tank emblem from my hatley

Where is the oil tank located on the 1990 Yamaha VMax motorcycle?

there is no oil tank on a Vmax motorcycle. The only oil is in the crank case, and the shaft drive.

Is bondo safe to use on motorcycle gas tank?

It is safe to use bondo on a motorcycle gas tank. However, the tank should be removed and completely free of gasoline and fumes before beginning the work.

Why does a septic tank system back up in your tubs and showers?

Either the main line is plugged or collapsed or more likely the septic tank needs to be pumped out. The tank needs to be pumped out every few years. This varies according to size of the tank and how much is put into it.

How do you remove an emblem from the tank of a motorcycle?

Very carefully....

Can soda in a gas tank damage a motorcycle?

yes, if it goes through the engine it can seriously harm the motorcycle.

Best way to clean a gas tank inside of very old gas on1975 cb Honda motorcycle?

the tank needs to be removed. There are various kits that can clean the rust and scale from the tank. Some people use cleaned marbles or pebbles and shake them inside the tank as well to beat even more scale out. The tank needs to be chemically sealed to stop the rust and keep what's left from mixing in with the fuel.

What should I do as I have Bad gasoline in my BMW motorcycle?

drain your tank

How do you drain old gas in a motorcycle?

take the tank off that is what I DO.

What is the standard size of motorcycle gas tank?

2.3 gallons

How do you remove gas tank from a 1983 Gold wing motorcycle?

how do you remove the gas tank on a 1983 goldwing

Where can you get basic motorcycle wiring diagram for 150cc?

Unban tank 2006

How do you clean fuel tank that is not removeable?

Every motorcycle I've ever seen for the past 30 plus years has had a removable gas tank, unless it's a custom built chopper with the tank moulded/welded to the frame.But if you want to do it the hard way go ahead.

How many gallons of gas does a motorcycle take?

Fuel tank sizes very on a motorcycle. They range from 2 gallons to about 6 gallons.

Where is the fuel pump located on a vt Holden commodore?

in the tank. The tank needs to be removed from the bottom of the vehicle. If you haven't done one before I would get a mechanic to do it, as the clips and hoses are easy to break.

Where can a stainless steel motorcycle tank be purchased?

A stainless steel motorcycle tank can be purchased on Amazon, eBay, or Low Brow Customs. If you want a custom one, contact Jon at Jons Garage who is located in Tampa, Florida.

Is there a access panel to the fuel pump on your Pontiac grand am gt?

The answer is no. Not unless you make one, but that needs to be done very carefully so not to cut the tank, hoses, and or wires. A very tricky job. drop the tank

What is the capacity of the fuel tank in a 1947 Indian Motorcycle?

between 3 and 5 gallons

Is there an aftermarket fuel tank made for a Yamaha WR 500 ZE motorcycle?

no there isn't

What is a bagger motorcycle?

this refers to a motorcycle which has luggage capacity including at least a pair of saddlebags and, optionally, a topbox or trunk, a pillion bag, tank bags, etc

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What happens if melted chocolate is put in motorcycle gas tank?

Don't know. Just don't do it

What is the best additive to mix with a tank of gas on a 1800 Honda motorcycle?

Depends, what do you need the additive to do ?

Why is your fish swimming near the top of the tank?

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