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What needs to be done when check engine light comes on in your 1990 Oldsmobile 88 Royale?

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Take it to a mechanic who will use a computer to read a problem code generated by the car's computer. He will repair the problem and reset the light.

Plain English problem codes are not used to encourage car owners to take their cars to the dealership for repair. However, any competent mechanic will have the handheld computer required to read the codes.

AnswerPull the codes from the computer, match the code to the troubleshooting procedure, follow the procedure to find the source. Repair the source, light will go out if that was the only problem. There are "monitors" or self tests the computer runs the car through a drive cycle, if a problem occurs, it may not run all of the self tests until that problem is taken care. Therefore, another problem may exist. It is emission related. OR hook up a scanner that is capable of clearing codes, and hope that none are still active.

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If the check engine light is on, use a code scanner to find out why.

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why do check engine light comes on

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That light can mean alot check your break fluid your car is over heating if you still have the manule look in the indexfor the check engine light it will tell you everpage that has to do with that light and what it means

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No, the check engine light comes on when the computer detects a malfunction and sets a code.No, the check engine light comes on when the computer detects a malfunction and sets a code.

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