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This tech tip pretty much says it all:

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What rhymes with STDs?

* Bleeds * Reads * Needs * Means * Seen * Leen

What do you do when the breast of a turkey reads 125 and the thigh reads 165?

between the wing and the leg it needs to read 180. Hope this helps.HAPPY THANKSGIVING

Where is the sensor that reads outside temperature on 2001 Mazda millenia?

It is on the dash in front of the steering wheel,it looks like a small black bump.

1996 Cadillac Eldorado...If msg reads AC low on refrigerant and AC compressor reads off will both problems be fixed by adding refrigerant? fixed the issue on my 1995 ElDorado, BUT you must disconnect the battery for a little while to reset the computer to allow you to add Freon to the system. I had a leak and it fixed it for about 6 months. Both warnings went away until the system got low again.

What rhymes with seeds?

What rhymes with seeds is: Needs, Weeds, Beads, heeds, reeds, reads. Etc.

What if the oil pressure gauge reads high all the time?

It means the filter needs replacement

What rhymes with deeds?

Weeds, beads, feeds, heeds, leads, needs, reeds, reads, seeds, steeds,

What rhymes with exceeds?

Needs, reads, deeds, weeds, pleads, feeds, seeds, beads, speeds, Succeeds, proceeds concedes

Why my car show wrong speed?

the system that reads the speed of the engine/torque ratio has been knocked out of place and probably needs readjusted, if not than it has gone bad and needs to be replaced

What kind of oil does your 97 Mazda Protege take?

Use SAE 10w30 conventional or synthetic. Use a High Mileage oil if the odometer reads over 100,000 miles.

Is reads a word?

Yes, "reads" is a word. A simple sentence containing the word "reads" is, "David reads the text on the screen."

96 ford F-150 AOD gear selector indicator on column reads 2 positions off reads 2 when in OD wont go below D?

sounds like shifting linkage needs to be adjusted

What does it mean when the battery gauge reads high in my ford F-150?

When your battery gage reads high, it means that your voltage regulator is shot. Your voltage is too high. You are about to wreck your battery and some of your electronics. You are facing an extremely expensive repair job if you do not get a fairly inexpensive part fixed.

Why does the temperature gauge in your 1997 century always read hot?

If it reads hot after the vehicle has been standing overnight, it is dead and needs replacing.

What is wrong with my cddvd drive its not showing up in vista and i will eject the tray and put in a disc but nothing will happen but it reads discs fine before booting the OS HELP?

get your computre fixed.

How do you unlock a motor on a 1996 Mazda Protege?

You can try by seeing how much oil is in the car. If the oil stick reads that it has over filled with oil drain it out to a quart low and spin it over. It should start..

What rhymes with needs?

Feeds, weeds, seeds, pleads, leads, heeds, deeds, beads, reads, steeds, breeds, bleeds. beads, heeds, pleads...

Why does your battery gauge run low?

my gauge reads 10 volts drive half mile it go to 8 Alternator is defective and needs replacing.

Why do DVD players use gears?

The laser that reads the discs needs gears to move it across the disk. They are also used in the eject mechanism for the tray.

Who reads the speech from the throne?

The Lieutenant Governor reads It.

What is the name of a number which reads the same when inverted?

The number that reads same when inerted is SIX.When inverted it reads SIX.

Is a canned ham from the pantry that reads keep refrigerated safe to eat?

It depends on whether it needs to be refridgerated before opening the ham or only after opening the ham.

When was Canada Reads created?

Canada Reads was created in 2002.

Is reads present or past tense?

Reads is present tense.

How do you say she reads in French?

"She reads" in French is "elle lit".