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Cyrus McCormick: United States inventor and manufacturer of a mechanical harvester (1809-1884) JOHN DEERe: United States industrialist who manufactured plows suitable for working the prairie soil (1804-1886)

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Q: What new inventions were created during the Civil War?
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What inventions was created during the civil war that we still use today?

Wagons, Barrels, guns, gaterade.

What are four inventions that occuured during the civil war?

Submaries, telograughs, the gatling gun, railroads

What are two inventions that were created around the time of the civil war?

the ironclad warship and the two chinas

What were 3 inventions of the civil war?

Three inventions of the Civil War include the Gatling gun, a type of submarine, and the double barrel cannon. Another invention of the Civil War includes ironclad warships.

Did the Freedman's bureau help poor whites during the civil war?

no they were created after the civil war and they did help them

What state was created during Civil war?

West Virginia

What was created in 1861 during the civil war?

The state of Kansas

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The ambulance was not discovered. It was created during the civil war.

What are courts-martial?

military courts created during the Mexican War, the Civil War, and World War II

How did new inventions change warfare during World War 1?

New inventions changed warfare during World War 1 by creating new weapons and creating more casualties. Some of the inventions during World War 1 were tanks, infantry rifles, and machine guns.

Civil War generals during the Mexican-American War?

Kearny and Taylor had both died. Scott created the Anaconda plan but retired at the start of the Civil War.

What is the object of the prepositional phrase in the sentence About 720000 Americans died during the civil war?

The object of the prepositional phrase "during the Civil War" is the word "war" or since it is a proper noun, "Civil War."

During which war did Nevada become a state?

During the Civil War. It was created to help Lincoln be reelected which is how Lincoln county in Nevada was named.

What were some important inventions in the civil war?

Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln

What were all the inventions in the civil war?

Gatling guns land mines repeating

Did the Civil War have a draft?

yes, the civil war had a draft during the civil war

What were inventions in the south for Civil War?

All of the weapons were taken from the Union. The Gatling gun was invented in the Civil War by a north Carolinian (which was in the confederacy) but was given to the Union

Why was the civil defense corps created?

The Civil Defence Corps in Britain was created to prepare people for a possible atomic bomb attack during the Cold War.

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they were two generals during the civil war

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what are the key events during the civil war

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What did the confederate and union government create during the civil war?

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What state was created during the civil war when was this state admitted to the union?

West Virginia

What were the flags the Civil War?

the flags during the civil war were union and the confederate flagsthe flags during the civil war were union and the confederate flags