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What occupation is considered to do the hardest physical labor in the world?

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The most physical demanding occupation would be driving a car carrier. It has been associated with Arthritis, dislocation of shoulders, herniated disks, liver failure and many more health related issues.

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What is the hardest job in child labor?


What was Athenas occupation?

she didnt have an occupation she was a goddes but she did help wemon in labor

List uukraine labor force by occupation and percentage?

can u please answer this question..... list Ukraine labor force by occupation and percentage?

What warehouse jobs pay the most?

The best warehouse jobs are the ones that require the hardest physical labor. These can be hard on the worker's body, but they pay well as compensation.

What is Canada's Labor force by Occupation?

child slaves

Despite usually being poor why were peasants considered valuable members of society?

Peasants did most of the heavy physical labor.

Who eats more food physical labor or intellectual labor?

Intellectual labor as physical labor is merely a consumption of food. Also intellectual labor works to be perpetual progression to a greater form of knowledge through intelligent discourse which by far, surpasses physical

Is 4 cm considered active labor?

Is 4 cm considered active labor ?

Why does the astrologer deserve the wages of an honest mans labor?

because the astrologer was passionate and trying his hardest.

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What is the main occupation of Afghanistan?

About 78% of the labor force in Afghanistan is invloved in agriculture.

What is the percent break down for labor force by occupation in Cambodia?

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How do you define labor?

Labor may refer to one of the following: 1)strenuous physical or mental exertion especially as a means to earn a living; 2)manual workers considered as a group or political party; 3)the pains of childbirth

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How much do traveler physical therapists make in Michigan?

According to the website for the United State Bureau of Labor, a physical therapist makes an average of $76,310 per year or $36.69 per hour. However, they fail to list information for a "traveler physical therapist", so you'd have to look elsewhere for a more definitive answer for that similar occupation.

What is direct labor in service industry?

Direct labor is labor that directly interacts with customers in the service industry. For instance, waitresses are considered direct labor.

When did labor unions become popular?

Labor unions were considered subversive until the 1940s.

What natural resources that are used to make goods and services are considered?


Shetland ponies started to be used in what occupation after child labor was banned in Britain?

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What did the prisoners do in the concentration camps?

Hard physical labor.

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What is the layman's definition of work?

The layman's (that's me) definition of work is, "labor for remuneration; paid employment; the duties of that employment; an occupation with income derived; the place were the employment or occupation takes place; any unpaid labor, especially if it's something that you don't enjoy doing."

Can labor be resale?

The labor or hard work of one individual can not be for resale.?æThe resale of labor is considered slavery, and is illegal.?æ

What did the the terms of basic and circulating resources mean to Marx?

For Karl Marx, the means of labor are considered basic resources and the objects of labor are considered circulating resources.

What should be considered before accepting a job which requires physical labor?

You have to consider your health status. You have to consider the salary, will it be enough to take care of your problems. You have to consider the working conditions of such jobs.