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Q: What occurs when a particle of matter and a particle of anti matter meet?
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Why cant you store anti matter?

As soon as anti-matter comes in contact with matter, the two annihilate. As such, placing anti-matter into any container made of matter would result in both being annihilated. The only way to maintain anti-matter for any length of time is to keep it isolated from matter. Magnetic fields can do this for a short time, but invevitably the anti-matter and the matter meet each other.

What happened when the matter and antimatter met?

When a particle and its antiparticle meet, they are converted into energy. The amount of energy is described by the famous equation e = mc2

Evaporation occurs when two fronts of widely different moisture levels meet?

Evaporation occurs at different temperatures for different substances. Evaporation is just the change of state of matter from liquid to gaseous.

How do the position and movement of particle's in a liquid help to explain the shape and volume of the liquid?

because when the atoms meet up in the gases they separate and form more gases of matter. that's basically it!

Where does subduction happen?

subduction occurs where 2 continents meet or where the tectonic plates meet. :)

Calving occurs at places where?

glaciers meet the sea

Why not use stainless steel screws on aluminum?

Galvanic corrosion occurs when the two meet (especially when water is present) - use a barrier lubricant (Tefgel or anti-seize) or plate the screws with Nickel/Teflon or Cadmium.

How do you meet rockhooper on Club Penguin?

ask anti arctic

Why are you in this universe?

I am in this universe as the other contains my anti-matter self. If I were to meet my anti-matter self, we would both annihilate immediately. Also the collective atoms that make up myself all originated in this universe. The universe contains the same number of atoms always, at least this one does. So I will be always be here in some form or fashion. Hopefully form!

When does a whirlpool occur?

A whirlpool occurs when opposite currents meet.

When a producer is unable to meet the demand of a certain product what occurs?


What kind of front occurs when a warm air mass and a cold air mass meet and no movement occurs?

A stationary front