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A Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 liter twinport takes 10w 40. There are several different brands that make that specific weighted oil. For higher mileage engines look at synthetic blends as well.

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Q: What oil to put in vaxhuall corsa 1.2 twinport?
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What gearbox oil do i put in a vauxhall corsa?


What is the best oil for 1997 corsa?

go on comma oil web page and put in your registration and it will forward you to all lubricants and spec.

How do you replace the oil pump on a vauxhall Corsa 1.7CDTi?

take the old one off. then put the new one on and top up with oil

What oil should you put in a 2000 vauxhall corsa 1.2 sxi?

15w/40 Castrol Magnatec is best

Diagram of corsa Engine?

I cant put my corsa into gear it is going from side to side and losing power

Where are fog lights on 07 corsa?

how do i put fog lights on

How do you remove tailgate rams on Vauxhall Corsa?

get your 453 type spanner and give it a tap. Then you must heat it up with fireworks. Then it should be on fire. Put the fire out with loads of oil. Then eat it. or hit it with a hammer

Brake lights not working on corsa when you put headlights on?

most likely a poor earth

Aux CD30 Mp3 in Opel Corsa?

can i put aux in in my cd 30 mp3????

1987 corsa automatic sometimes when you start the engine and put in gear the sports light flashes on the dash and feels like the car is stuck in third gear pulling away?

Change the gearbox oil and see if that helps. If it doesnt it will be the gear selection sensor.

What to you do when you car's dipstick registers no oil after you put oil in it?

Put more oil in it.

How much oil do I put in a 97cc pagsta?

You put 0.8 liters of oil

How do you change the oil in a 1991 explorer?

the oil plug is located under the drivers side,remove and drain the oil then remove the oil filter right next to the oil plug then put a little bit of oil on the oil filter gasget with your finger,then put on the filter ,put the plug back and put in the oil 5 quarts.

How do you replace the front wheel bearing on a opel corsa lite?

take out the old ones put in new ones

Why do you put oil in the car?

You put engine oil in at the oil fill cap. It is normally located on the valve cover.

Is crude oil the oil you put in cars?

Yes, but they make it into gasoline first. Crude oil is not the oil you put in the crankcase. That is oil that is refined from crude oil and then additives are added.

Were do you put water for the heater on a 1999 reg corsa?

To make your heaters work, make sure you have water in the water tank under the bonnet. You cant miss it. I had that problem with a corsa sxi, I didnt have any water in the tank hense my heaters wouldn't work.

Where to put oil in car?

You add oil to the oil fill cap which stores the oil in the oil pan.

Where do you put transmission oil in standard car?

where do you put transmission oil in a standard car?

Were do you put a egg in your corsa to fill a crack in your radiator?

either in the radiator cap or in the upper radiator hose which leads into the cooling system

How much would it cost to put a 2.0 red top engine in my 1 liter corsa?

it cost 'bout 2,000000 bucks.

You brought a new stereo it works in your friends car but not mine its an 06 corsa what can you do?

hi,if you look at your new sterio there is a red live wire,and a yellow wire , swop the connections over and your system will work,i know as ive just put one in my wifes corsa

How do you aply valve oil to a trumpet?

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How did the oil dripping cup work?

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Steps to changing the oil in a 1990 camaro?

put the car on ramps put something to catch the oil under the oil pan open the hood remove the oil cap on the top of the engine unscrew the oil pan boly let it drain then remove the oil filter then once the engine has no oil put the oil pan bolt back in lube the oil filter seal put the new oil filter on and pour the oil in then turn the car on for a second to let the oil run through turn it off then check your oil level and your good to go.