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It could be a wheel bearing, loose wheel, CV joints or even a tire problem.

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Q: What on a 1991 Corsica would cause a droning noise from the left hand front end when making slight right bend at 60 km or more?
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leaking or cracked manifold

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Check the timing for the 90 Corsica. the most likely cause for the engine not starting is it has jumped time causing the engine to fire at the wrong time.

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Why does my tire make a droning noise?

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check the soleinoid

What would cause a puddle of coolant in the passenger side floor of a 92 Chevy corsica coolant leak?

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Yes they can ! They can get stopped up and not run, I had a chevy corsica that did that. If not careful they can catch on fire.

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What is the cause of a fuse blowing on a 1995 Chevy Corsica as a result of using the heater or air conditioner?

It really needs to be checked out but it probably is the blower votor.

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