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Q: What opposing beliefs do Antigone and Creon represent in Sophocles's Antigone?
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What fault does Antigone lack?

A fault is a defect or weakness in an individual's character or personality. In terms of Antigone, her main fault is her uncontrolled passion that disrespects the feelings of others. She's so convinced of the correctness of her beliefs and actions that she doesn't want to hear or reconcile opposing beliefs and actions. As a result, related faults that Antigone shows are pride and stubbornness. She also shows a certain lack of forgiveness in not giving her sister Ismene a chance to make up for earlier disappointments.But there are a number of faults that Antigone lacks. She isn't covetous, envious, or jealous. Neither is she cowardly, deceitful or greedy. Nor is she lazy, lustful, selfish or vain.

What are Haemons beliefs in 'Antigone'?

Family, the gods, and Theban traditions are Antigone's beliefs in "Antigone" by Sophocles (495 B.C.E. - 405 B.C.E.).Specifically, Theban Princess Antigone believes in the importance of family. She evidences her belief in her commitment to getting her brother Polyneices buried. That commitment also is part of her belief in the importance of the gods and of Theban traditions. She says that the gods rule in the here and now as well as in the Underworld of the afterlife.

What do the B's represent in VBBNs?

beliefs and behavior

What do the B's represent in VBBN?

beliefs and behavior

Why are beliefs important?

religious beliefs are important because it's what you believe in (like your traditions) your religious beliefs represent you are

What do totem poles and totems represent?

Totem poles represent a cultures beliefs and the thoughts of the culture.

What bad thing did the snake do?

snakes represent the devil in the bible. and do to some peoples beliefs they represent evil ^_^

What were Antigone's motives for defying Creon?

To defend her own beliefs. Who says he is right besides him? So, as far as right and wrong goes, nobody was right or wrong, they just had different beliefs.

What is a question that connects 'Antigone' to the real world?

What should happen when individual actions and beliefs don't line up with a particular society's definitions of acceptable and unacceptable behavior is a question that connects the play 'Antigone' to the real world. The play indeed pits the behavioral preferences and spiritual beliefs of Antigone against the behavioral preferences and legal action of her Uncle Creon, King of Thebes. In the real world of nowadays, that question may be asked by women in Muslim countries. Their role typically is more on the order of the unquestioning and obedient Ismene, and less on the order of the conscientious and passionate Antigone.

What is a plan or method for spreading beliefs or opinions is called?

The use of propaganda is a method to spread or promote ideas, beliefs, and opinions to further one's own cause or to damage an opposing cause.

What culture is defined as a system of shared VBBNs what do the B represent?

Beliefs and Behaviors

A societys values beliefs and rules of conduct taken as a whole represent its?


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