What options do citizens have if they feel that the government has taken away their powers?

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It's spelled out in the Declaration of Independence.
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Can custody be taken away for no reason?

Answer . \nNo! There must be good reason and proof before either parent of a child can take total custody if the courts had already given shared custody between the parents of that child.\n. \nIt's best to seek legal advice to be sure you maintain the custody of your child.\n. \nGood luck\nMar ( Full Answer )

Do the citizens have power?

I think that the citizens do have alot because you can vote have freedom. But not as much as the government has. I think that the citizens do have alot because you can vote have freedom. But not as much as the government has.

Which rights that cannot be taken away by the government?

The government can take away our rights, but only during times of war. Ex. Japanese-americans were put into basically a much cleaner version of the concentration camps but were given food, water, and all the necessities to live like showers. Rights that cant be taken away by the government is also c ( Full Answer )

Why is freedom taken away from us?

I appologise before hand for my poor writing skills, and the inhability that I have to express myself as other people have. I will try to respond this, with the cloud Idea in my head as clear as possible, appologise if its not completely understood, and I will write it as simple as possible. Freed ( Full Answer )

Were there things taken away from Jews?

Assuming you are talking about during the war and the holocaust, yes there were. Everything, including, for many, their lives. Real property, businesses, possessions, right down to their family pictures, jewelry, coin collections, their religious worship, you name it. It wasn't a pretty time.

Can power of attorney be taken away from a bipolar person?

Answer . A Power of Attorney can be revoked at any time for any reason. First you need to revoke it in writing with your name and address, your agents name and address, the date you gave the POA and have the revocation notarized. State that you are revoking the powers you gave to that person. You ( Full Answer )

Who has the power to sell to give away government land?

Unneeded federal land is generally disposed of by the US General Services Administration's Office of Real Property Disposal, and public domain lands are sold by the Department of the Interior's Bureau of Land Management. While there are other federal agencies which have the authority to dispose of s ( Full Answer )

Why do some people feel that it is necessary to go to a priest to have their sins taken away?

Many people go to a priest because the priest's spiritual authority can be traced back, bishop by bishop, to the twelve apostles of Christ. These men were entrusted by Jesus to spread the message of Christ's gospel and to protect that message from false teaching. Going to a priest and confessing ( Full Answer )

What powers do the citizens have?

US Citizens? If so, we have many powers. We vote for the president (indirectly, but we still have a major role) and other officials like governors and mayors. In fact, we vote for a lot of things, like new policies. We can also contradict the government. We may write an article, give a speech, or ev ( Full Answer )

Are delegated powers kept by the state governments or citizens?

No, to delegate means to give to another (as in a job or a responsibility). So to delegate a power means to give it to someone else. In the U.S. Constitution, powers are given to the government by the states and the people, not given to the states and the people by the government.

Why was Squanto taken away from his wife?

squanto was taken away from his wife becasue a man named thomas hunt was a cruel man and he sells slaves and he wanted squanto to sell him for 20 apiece

When can civil rights be taken away?

If the state believes you are involved in certain crimes including, but not limited to, drugs, insider trading, RICO violations, terrorism, domestic violence etc., they can suspend your civil rights prior to trial, and in some cases, are not compelled to give you a trial. Some of their criterion ha ( Full Answer )

What is power options?

Power options lets you choose when and if you want your computer to use a lower power mode, or have the monitor turn itself off after so many minutes of disuse. So you might leave your computer on but not be using it, so you can tell it to power down the disk drives after an hour or so. Not every sy ( Full Answer )

Has any citizen had his civil liberties taken away?

Yes, and it happens a few hundred thousand times per day (if not more). Another View: Every convicted felon has some portion of his citizen 'rights' withheld as a result of the seriousness of their offense. Some states, when petitioned, MAY return a limited amount of 'rights' but it is by no mea ( Full Answer )

Can free rights be taken away by the government?

It should be self-evident from historical examples that the answer is yes. If you disagree, talk to any European Jew over 65. The US Constitution explicitly grants certain rights to the people, which cannot be taken away by an ordinary law. However, even these could be taken away by a constitutiona ( Full Answer )

Why are pandas habitats taken away?

Pandas only eat bamboo shutes and not much anything else except for water and bamboo is disappearing - pandas eat a lot of it. People are cutting down bamboo and eating the shutes themselves, which isn't so nice because the pandas need them.

How are the Jews taken away?

From what I know: . They are rounded up by getting called to some sort of assembly . They are dragged out of their homes or work areas . People randomly come in and take the Jews . They have this thing when the Jew's numbers are called in and the Jews have to go somewhere

What are some examples where power of attorney was taken away?

A Power of Attorney can be revoked at any time for any reason by the person who awarded it. No reason need be given for the action. It is EXTREMELY unlikely that one can fight the recission of a POA, since the legal power to award it, or withdraw it, resides exclusively in the person who granted i ( Full Answer )

Can power of attorney be taken away if you become mentally ill?

Yes, Power of Attorney can be taken away if that person is mentally ill and the family of the person that requested the Power of Attorney deems fit to have that power taken away from the Power of Attorney. The Power of Attorney is an important action to look after particularly the financial affairs; ( Full Answer )

When does a person have the power to do away with the government?

A voter can technically get rid of the government every time there is an election. This rarely happens because incumbent candidates have a very substantial advantage due to name recognition and an established contact list. However, anything other than voting or running for office is treason. You d ( Full Answer )

Why are Justin Russo's powers taken away?

1. I don't remember when his powers were FULLY taken away. 2. How does this question go under "Germany in WW2" and the "US Constitution?" It's about a Disney Channel show.

Why have Habbo taken trading away?

because they want you to pay for it instead of paying 1c for stuff from other people so you have less stuff .

How do some governments get away with denying their citizens human rights?

In general, governments are very powerful. As long as the military remains loyal to the government, it is possible to retain control of a country even if there is widespread resentment about the human rights situation. If you have the power to kill anybody who disagrees with you, it is then possible ( Full Answer )

Do citizens have power to change government in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is a kingdom, and the king is extremely powerful. Citizens have very little power to make significant changes to government. The monarchy in Arabia is substantially different from the monarchies in The United Kingdom or Spain, for example. In those countries the Crown retains a few powe ( Full Answer )

Why did the Athenians feel it was important for citizens to take part in the government?

They tried kings, then switched to oligarchs (aristocrats) to leadthem. The oligarchs abused power for their own benefit, and ran asociety where farmers who could not repay debts after a bad seasonwere sold into foreign slavery to pay out the debt. As revolutionwas looming the aristocrat Solon was a ( Full Answer )