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I don't think there is a difference but that's my opinion...anyone else have any input on this?

Call up your local parts store or if you have a Pontiac dealership around, ask them. They should know and if they don't they might know someone who does.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 11:32:30
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Q: What or is there a difference between the 1988 1989 Grand Prix front grille?
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How do you remove the speaker grille?

The front dashboard speaker grille is removed by inserting a small flat screwdriver between the dash and the edge of the speaker grille to pry up the grille.

Where is the radiator in a Fiat Punto?

Between the front of the engine and the back of the radiator grille.

Where are Freeze plug location on 4.0 v-6 Ford Explorer 1996?

Behind the front grille - you can reach it between the pieces of the grille.

Where is the AC fan on a Chevy Tracker How do you replace it?

it is in the very front of the radiator,between the grille,and the radiator,it is an electric motor.

What is the difference between a 66 GTO and a 67?

The front grille inserts and the tail light assemblies were different, the engine went from a 389ci to a 400 ci., tri-power carburetion was not available for the 1967 model year and front disc brakes was an option for 1967.

What is the difference between wheel loader and front end loader?

Difference between Front End Loader and Wheel Loader

Will a 2004 ford Taurus front bumper fit a 2003?

Assuming you mean a 2003 Taurus, yes Actually while the bumpers between 2004 and 2003 taurus will bolt up correctly the two years use a different grille. You'll have a gap between the bottom of the smaller 2003 grille and larger grille opening on the 2004 bumper. Putting a 2003 bumper on a 2004 the 2004 grille is too big. you can shoehorn it in there or replace it with a 2003 grille.

What are the visual differences between a 1968 roadrunner and a 1970 roadrunner?

Basically the same body but the taillights and front grille are totally different.

How to remove the radiator on a 2001 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo with air cond?

First remove the front clip (headlights and grille and plastic covering the bumper.) The rest will be obvious.

How would I replace the grille on a 2007 Chrysler 300?

Complete Instructions @

Will 2011 ford f250 front grille fit a 2008 ford f250?

No the 2008 grille is attached to the hood. The 2011 is not attached. You can buy the whole front clip if you want to spend the money

What is the difference between a payloader and a front loader?

Their is no difference, just another name for it.

Can you put an 03 express grille on a 99?

No, the front is completely different.

Where is the horn located on a Chrysler Voyager?

in the front grille or the inside section of either front fender panel

Will the fiat scudo gearbox HDI 2ltr fit into the peugeot expert HDI 2 ltr?

Yeah, same vehicle to the last nut and bolt, except for the front grille Yeah, same vehicle to the last nut and bolt, except for the front grille Yeah, same vehicle to the last nut and bolt, except for the front grille

Where is the radiator on a 1998 VW Beetle?

The radiator is in the front, directly behind the lower front grille. It sits about 5 inches off the ground. To replace or repair the radiator, you must remove the front grille, the fenders, and the front wheels. See a Chilton manual for complete details.

Where is a Toyota Corolla 2009 horn?

Right in front of the radiator and A/C condensor, between them and the grille. It's very small, black, disc shape

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Where is the battery located on a malaguti yesterday scooter?

The battery is located behind the front plastic grille, 2 phillips head screws and the grille pops out.

Replace front grill Colorado?

Open the hood. Remove the top bolts holding the grille to the radiator support. Squeeze the 4 retainer clips together to release them from the radiator support and pull the grille forward towards the front of the vehicle.. Unclip the headlight and parking light wiring from their holders while holding the grille. Reverse the procedure to install or replace the grille.. Done

What is the main difference between front and rear suspension?

ones in the front, ones in the back

What is the difference between the front and back feet of a frog?

The back have 4digits the front have 2toes.

What is the main difference between front and rear suspension on vehicle?

The front suspension is steerable.

How do you remove grille on Chevy Impala 2000?

1.Open the hood 2. Remove the upper radiator air baffle. 3Remove the push in retainers from the upper grille. 4. Remove the circle retainers from the ends of the grille 5. Pull forward and up to release the grille retainers. Remove the grille from the front bumper fascia

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