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No great mystery here, pull the fuse out, if it is burned or blown replace it. If not put it back in.


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pull the fuse for the alarm with is shown on your manual book under fuses

Begin by replacing the compliment fuses to relay. Fuses 85,86, and 30 should be replaced. If problems do mot subside have a diagnostic.

Not all gas stations stock replacement fuses for a Jetta. Fuses are mostly universal for most vehicles, but the right amp of fuse must be put in to replace the burned out fuse. A person would have a better chance of finding replacement fuses for any vehicle at a truck stop.

The diagram for the fuse box should be in the fuse box or the cars manual. If it is not in either of these places the manufactures site should have one for download or a repair manual can be purchased with it in it.


if the doors do not lock then one of the fuses is out!

the flasher fuse is in the fuse block look in your owners manual under fuses

Have you checked the fuses? The location of the fusebox will be listed in your owners manual. The manual should also have a diagram of the box - which fuses control what, etc. Then find the bad fuse and replace it.

Your owner's manual is the best place to find out location and identification of fuses. If the fuses check out ok, its probably a burnt bulb. See sources and related links for bulb information.

You will need to check your manual first to find out if the fuses you want to replace are under the hood or under the dash inside the vehicle on the passenger side panel.

fuse panel to the left of the steering wheel. the diagram for the fuses is in the original car manual in your glovebox, which tells you the exact position in there. I believe its a 30 amp.

Refer to your Civics owner manual or contact a certified mechanic to replace the fuses.

The fuse box is located on the drivers side. Open the door and it is to the side of the dash. You'll see a small slot to open the panel. There should also be a fuse puller. As to the outlay of the fuses, sorry I don't know. Anthony

There are many fuses in that vehicle. Need to know which one even though most fuses just pull out and replaced with one of the same Amperage rating.

Locate the fuses - in the fuse box under the dash - driver side , only replace burn fuses - they pull out with pliers , there are also fuses under the hood

Pull the fuses out and see witch one has visible brek in it.The owners manual has all the fuses in it.Needle nose pliers should be helpful

Your owners manual should be helpful. also when you find the fuse box there should be a draw on the cover that shows what fuse is what.

You will find the fuse box just under the steering column near where you release the hood. open it up and on the inside of the panel, there will be a diagram for the fuses. Match up the right fuse and replace. You can just pull out the fuse with your fingers or with a small plastic device made for pulling fuses (much easier this way).

They are behind a panel on the side of the dash that faces the drivers door.

The fan fuses are located besides cooling reservoir

the owners manual should say where the fuse box is located. Take out the appropriete fuse and replace it if it is broken.

Without make, model or year of vehicle this question can't be answered specifically. In general, your owner's manual is the best place to locate and identify fuses on any vehicle.

Look in your owners manual. Fuses are listed by amperage and then what they control.

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