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What original text was the King James bible written from?



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Text for King James Bible was the original Greek for the New Testament and the Hebrew Scriptures that comprise the Christian Old Testament.


Other texts also were used in addition to the available "originally inspired manuscripts"... as attested by the preface of the King James Bible:

"...That out of the Originall sacred tongues, together with comparing of the labours, both in our owne and other forreigne Languages, of many worhty men who went before us, there should be one more exact Translation of the holy Scriptures into the English tongue..." [excerpt from the King James Version Original Preface].

So, whatever other "former" translations of the Bible into other languages that were extant in the 1600's [i.e., the Latin Vulgate] may have been consulted by King James' 47 translators in their work... whether or not they incorporated any or part of those works into it.