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Q: What other activity do women do on the day of sukkots?
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What do 15 percent of women do on Valentine's Day?

65% of the women on valentine day have sex with their husbands, or other guys 20% of the women on valentine day have a date 15% of them get a boyfriend or a proposal in valentine day And 10% of them hate valentine's day because they don't have a boyfriend, husband, or have been dumped on that day, or something else. There are a lot of possibilities. This is without including women who likes other women.

How many calories should a 43-year-old eat per day?

Its recommended that men needs around 2500 calories a day to maintain his weight and women 2000 calories a day. These of course vary depending on levels of physical activity among other factors.

Activity coordinator for first earth day?

activity coordinator for first Earth Day

If you eat 3 subs a day and 3000 other calories will you get fat?

Depends on your activity level.

Is it normal for your boyfriend to look at other women in front of you?

Of corse it is normal, he is a man. Its their natural instinct to look at other women, but at the end of the day he is your man and not that other girls.

How do you get lots of ore in runescape without workin?

You can buy it. If you do the Miscellania activity, you can get some coal every day (or a selection of other items); this activity is for members only.

Do Women Poop Once A Day Or Every Other Day?

No, poop is not pretty unless you dress it up!

What word means act of honoring a special day or event with a party ceremony or other activity?


What time of the day is most dangerous for tornadic activity?

what time of day is most dangerous for a tornadic activity

What mean the women day?

International women day?

How is Valentine's day in japan celebrated differently than in the U.S.?

This day is for the men in Japan instead of the women. Women get chocolate for men instead of the other way around.

Is Valentine's Day for women and men?

Valentine's Day is for anyone. The whole day and idea is just a day for couples to refresh their love for each other.

How many calories are required for my basal metabolism?

depends on gender, size, age, and level of physical activity. Baseline values are 2500 cals/day for men and 2000 cals/day for women.

What is incidental activity?

Incidental activity is any activity built up in small amounts over the day.

What do Jewish women do on there wedding day?

They prepare, just like all the other faiths do.

How many hours of vigorous activity do you need in one day?

60 minutes, which is one hour of vigorous activity a day.

What is Incidental physical activity?

Incidental activity is any activity built up in small amounts over the day.

What is a good sentence for economic activity?

People use economic activity every day.

What are the statistics of abused women in the US?

Way more than 1000 women a day get abused in the united states, that will change by day whether its more or less. Women are abused a lot, either from their significant other or even by someone around them.

When was International Women's Day created?

International Women's Day was created in 1909.

How many adrenaline rushes do you get a day?

That can depend a lot on your activity during the day.

When is International Women's Day?

International Women's Day is celebrated annually on March 8.

If your ex has other women for everything why does he keep calling you?

He collects women! He's having a field day and all you women can't see it. Time to kick this guy to the curb. He doesn't care about your feelings, the other women's feelings and all he wants is pleasure at the expense of all of you.

Is Memorial Day just for honoring women?

No. Memorial day is not just for men even not just for women either. It is a day for both(for men and women that are in the military).

What is the most popular Memorial Day activity?