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What other country helped aid Vietnam against communism?

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America "Helped" Vietnam against "the communists" and i think that's it.

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What was the main reason the US helped south Vietnam fight against north Vietnam?

The US helped in order to stop the spread of Communism into another nation and it was Viet Nam.

Why did the US attack Vietnam?

The United States of America did not attack Vietnam as a whole, but rather it helped the southern, Democratic portion of Vietnam. We did this for many reasons, but the main one was that the United States, as well as many European countries, were fearful of Communism. The theory that if one country, such as China, fell to Communism (which it did), then surely the smaller countries in Asia would fall to Communism under China's pressure. The US intervened in both Korea and Vietnam for this reason.

Why did the US help the French in Vietnam?

We didn't really help the French. We helped South (Non-Communist) Vietnam. We wanted to stop the spread of communism.

What were the two reasons why the US helped the French in Vietnam?

After WWII, the French were left almost completely destroyed. They had lost control over their country, and all that was left was their colony in Indochina: Vietnam. So, when Vietnam declared independence, France decided to go back in and re-take their colony. As the French were allies of the U.S., the U.S. decided to help them. Also, the Leader of the resistance against the French, Ho Chi Minh, was Communist, so to stop the spread of Communism, the U.S. helped out.

The impact of the mccarthyism helped republicans win support by?

Making Democrats look soft against Communism.

What are the reasons against the Vietnam War?

Main reason of the war is the expansion of Communism.The Vietnam communist party known as Vietcong accepted helped from other communist nations.Ho Chi Minh the president of North Vietnam was backed by the governments of China, Soviet Union, North Korea.The French had colonies and interests in China, and had asked for help from other Eastern European nations.The United States entered the war of Vietnam to try to stop the expansion of Communism.I'd like to start off saying those are the reasons we entered the Vietnam War not reasons against it.Some Americans felt we had no right to be there. In which case the only real reason we were there was to stop the spread of communism because the presidents during that time believed in what was known as the domino theory. Which meant if one country fell to communism eventually all surrounding countries would. Later it was known that we had no right to have so many troops in Vietnam since there was no declaration of war. Causing the government to win the people's approval by making a new law that you can only have troops in a country for 60 days before pulling them out or declaring war.

What country helped south Vietnam fight a war?

From what country to many immigrants to the United States come today ?

What was the United States going after in the Vietnam War?

No war in Vietnam!The awnser is that they did not want the war to be happening and they were on the side of the south Vietnam war and was against that there was violence and wanted the south to be free of Vietnam but eventully they lost. Hop it helped

Is South Korea an ally of the Republic of Vietnam?

Yes, South Korea is an ally of the Republic of Vietnam. During the Vietnam War, South Korea helped the United States and the Republic of Vietnam to fight against the communists. The Republic of Vietnam was helped by South Korea, by the United States, by Thailand, by Taiwan, by New Zealand, by Australia, by Singapore and by Malaysia!

Which country helped south vietnam fight a war?

The USA helped a lot, but other countries like South Korea, New Zealand, Australia and Thailand helped, as well.

Who joined the colonists fight against the British?

The country that helped the colonists fight against the British was France.

Did technology help or hinder the Vietnam war?

It certainly helped the Americans but the many of the technology was useless against guerrilla warfare.

Why did the US helped the south Vietnam?

Vietnam was an off shoot of the Cold War. The US didn't want the Vietnamese to become communist. So they provided arms, training and later troops to defend South Vietnam against the Chinese supported North Vietnam.

Why did America get into a fight with Vietnam?

America helped out SOUTH Vietnam. NORTH Vietnam was attacking it.

What is the President who helped end communism?

i think that it may have been the guy who ended communism... if that helps

Who helped Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

Communist nations (Red China/USSR primarily) helped the North Viets & US/Australia/N. Zealand/ROK/Thailand/Philippines helped S. Vietnam. (RVN).

Why did America become involved in the war in Vietnam?

Because of the alliance with south Vietnam We helped them with their economy and government and with the threat of a northern invasion from northern Vietnam we intervened to stop the north from taking over the south and creating one giant country of Vietnam. Hope this helps bud.

What was the main reason the US helped out south Vietnam fight against north Vietnam in the Vietnam war?

Communism. If North Vietnam hadn't been a communist nation, the US would have stayed out of it. It would have been none of Uncle Sam's business. Nations around the world have always and will always have their own problems, and other than some "National Security" reasons which would usually involve "covert operations" on the part of the US (like Central and South America were heavily used for during the cold war days) the US stays out of them (officially).

Did the Chinese help the us in the Vietnam war?

The People's Republic of China is a communist country and they helped communist North Vietnam during the Vietnam War, 1945 to 1975. Taiwan, also called China, is a small, poor Democratic nation, and, they did not do much to aid the USA during the Vietnam War.

What did the US hope to accomplish with a victory in the Vietnam war?

America was called by the French to help out in the war. The french wanted to make vietnam a non-communist country. America did not accomplish this and killed over a million civilians and even being defeated they dropped out of the war and acted like it was over even though we know America lost. But you also have to understand this South Vietnam wanted to not be communist so they helped america well some of them and north vietnam wanted communism. Meanwhile some british fought for the vietnamese(only a thousand or so).

Why did Mussolini help Francisco Franco during the Spain's civil war?

Because Franco was a supporter of fascism and fighting against the communists in Spain. Hitler and Mussolini helped Franco because both nazism and fascism is against the communism.

What did Barack Obama do for the country or world?

he is helping the goverment with laws also he helped to fight against teroism.

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