What other filter can you use for an onan 149-2629?

The closest fuel filter to the Onan p/n 149-2629 is one that is found on older Ford vehicles but it is NOT truly interchangeable as the "in" tube is 5/16" instead of 1/4" like the OEM Onan. The 1/8" pipe thread on the "out" end is the same on both. Onan's fuel, air & oil filters may be supplied by Wix Filters but even their catalog does not offer a cross reference for Onan p/n 149-2629. It may be possible, but not advisable, to stretch the Genset's 1/4" supply line over the 5/16" input tube but why take chances when the cost of the filters is comparable. Comment by Generatorman: The 149-2629 fuel filter supersedes to a 149-2341-01, not to be confused with the 149-2341 (without the -01 suffix). What the difference is, I don't know. I have both in stock and will compare them and post back. There may be a media change or the micron size of the actual filter media may be different in the -01 filter. As for a replacement / aftermarket / cross, I have yet to find one. Update: Onan p/n 149-2341 is marked 30 micron, where the -01 is not marked at all.