What other office does the vice president have?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What other office does the vice president have?
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Who takes office when a us president is impeached?

Nobody. A president continues to serve in office when he is impeached. If he is convicted and removed from office, the vice-president becomes president, same as if the president were to die.

The president of the Senate is the vice president who is in office at that time.?

the vice president duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the vice president duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Who takes office after presidents death?

The vice president becomes the president if the president dies. Such is the main reason for the office of vice president.

Who becomes president once the president tdies?

If the president dies then the vice president takes office if the vice president dies then the speaker of office is president

Who by law determine the removal of either the president of vice president during their term in office?

The constitution states the terms of office and how a president or Vice President can be removed from office.

The President of the Senate also holds what other important office?

It is more appropriate to say that the Vice-President of the United States has as one of his constitutional responsibilities to serve as President of the US Senate.

Who becomes president if the president dies while in office?

vice president, & if he dies, the speaker of the house

Who succeeds the president if he cannot carry out the duties of the office?

The Vice President

Do the president and vice president share an office?

They do not.

Who takes over the office if president dies in office?

The Vice President.

What vice- president was never elected to office?

Gerald Ford was appointed vice-president when Agnew resigned his office.

Who was the US President and Vice-President who died in office?

William Henry Harrison was the first president to died in office and the first vice president was George Clinton.