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vice president, & if he dies, the speaker of the house

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the vice-president The Vice President.

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Q: Who becomes president if the president dies while in office?
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IF George Bush dies who becomes president?

If he dies in office, then Dick Cheney becomes President.

Who becomes President of the United States if Barack Obama dies in office?

If Obama dies in office, his vice President, Joe Biden, becomes the next President.

Who becomes president once the president tdies?

If the president dies then the vice president takes office if the vice president dies then the speaker of office is president

Who becomes present when the present dies?

Do you mean the "president"? In the United States, if the president dies while in office, the vice president becomes president. When President Franklin D. Roosevelt died, for example, Harry Truman (the vice president at the time) became president.

Who takes office after presidents death?

The vice president becomes the president if the president dies. Such is the main reason for the office of vice president.

Who becomes the US president if the president should die?

The vice president takes office if the president dies.

If the president dies while in office who does the job go to?

Vice president

If the Vice president dies while the president is still in office who becomes the vice president?

The President has to nominate someone to be Vice President, but that said person can only be Vice President with the majority vote of both Houses of Congress

What part of the Constitution says that the office of the President should be transferred to the Vice President if the President dies while in office?

The 25th Amendment !

Who becomes president of US if president elect dies before taking office on Jan 20 2009?

barack obama

Who is Isabel Peron?

Juan Perons third wife, she becomes President of Argentina after Juan dies in office.

Who becomes presiendent if the vice president dies?

If the president and vice president die, the Speaker of the House (who is currently Nancy Pelosi) would take the office of the president.