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After the lender gets a JUDGEMENT for xxx number of dollars, they can attach other property you own, Depending on your state laws.

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Q: What other ways can the lender collect the money if you are retired and have no income?
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Can the lender collect the rest of the money you owe on a car that they repossessed?

In most cases, YES

How much money does the US government collect in income tax?

2.16 trillion

Does a hard money lender require a credit check or income verification?

johni:No.the loan is based on the lendees assets.

Does Texas collect an income tax?

yes how will they get money for air in the police depatment...there not going to pay it

Can a bank account be levied?

If you owe the money, and the lender goes thru all the channels to collect, then yes a bank account can be levied.

How does a lender get a judgment against you for a loan when they repossess a car?

You owed more money than the car was worth and they wish to collect the balance.

What is the farmer and the money-lender were alike?

what is the farmer and money-lender were alike

When you owe money to another lender you are a?

When you owe money to another lender, you are a _____.

1099-c from a short sale on a home?

Represents the cancellation of debt, which is income you received. The same as if the lender gave you money.

Is money that you loan to someone taxable?

Loans are not usually considered income for tax purposes. Added: UNLESS you, the lender, are earning interest on the loan. Then - the interest income is taxable.

What is your business?

When a customer's loan or bill goes into default the company that lent the debtor the money will try to collect the debt. Most debt collectors are from the actual lender or are contractors that have purchased the debt and will try to collect the money from the debtor with interest.

Local government collect most money by taxing what?

Local government collect most money by taxing products and services. The individual income is also taxed as a way of collecting revenue.

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