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What other word can be put in a sentence besides drama?

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Absolutely every word that exists can be put into a sentence.

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Can you give me a sentence using the word besides?

"Besides, she also had to do her homework"

How can you use the word drama in a sentence?

Here are some sentences.Don't make so much drama.The drama was entertaining.

Make a sentence with the word besides?

I don't think you're allowed to do that, besides, miss is watching.

How do you use the word drama in a sentence?

All the girls at my school care about is gossip and drama, and I'm so sick of it!

Can you give me a sentence for the word besides?

My teacher said I behaved good besides at recess when I hit a girl.

Can you start a sentence with the word besides?

Yes. Ex:"Besides being bright, the sun is also hot."

What is a example sentence using the word besides?

No one was sitting on the bench besides me. OR No one wanted to be friends with me, besides, I did have a best friend in Manchester.

What is a good sentence using the word conjugating?

Trudi was conjugating with the Drama Club.

How would you use the word drama in a sentence?

Mandy was mad that she could not make it to her drama club, and so she would not be able to be in the play.

How do you use the word denouement in a sentence?

This politician has plenty of drama and a climax but never a denouement.

How do you use the word regain in a sentence?

He went to drama classes, to try and regain his confidence.

What other words can you use besides said?

If you want a word besides SAID, you can use the word announce. You could also use told or state.

What is the word drama in German?

the word drama in German is schauspie! :) You can also use the word Drama

Sentence using the word fledgling?

"It was interesting to sit in the Drama Club and view the fledgling actors."

Can you give me some sentence for the word beside?

Simbu used to sit "besides" me always.

A sentence using the word beside?

Beside : She Sat Down Beside The Tree Besides : Besides His Best Friend Nate Invited Tammy

Can you write a sentence using the word reprieve?

Example sentence - His daughters are leaving for college and giving us a well deserved reprieve from their drama.

What is an intentional fragment?

an intentional fragment is a form of writing where you use one word as a sentence. this creates "drama" and makes the word stand out.

Can you end a sentence with of?

No, if you end a sentence with the word of, it would be an incomplete sentence. There will always be other words or at least one word that follows the word of in a sentence.

What is a sentence that has the word porcupine in it?

A sentence with the word 'porcupine' in it is no different from any other sentence, it is just a sentence referring to a porcupine.

How do you put the word perfection in a sentence?

There is no such thing as perfection because nothing is perfect besides Jesus.

What does the word drama stand for?

Drama is a play for the theatre written by a playwright. A drama can be a tragedy or a comedy, or there are other categories (king dramas, political dramas, etc)

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