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Q: What page is inestimable on Ender's Game?
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On what page of the book 'Enders Game' did Ender kill Bonzo?

page 211

Who is the author in enders game?

the AUTHOR IN ENDERS GAME IS Shel Silverstean

How is ender manipulated in enders game?

how is manipulation shown in Enders game

Is Enders Game related to zone of the enders?


When did Zone of the Enders - video game - happen?

Zone of the Enders - video game - happened in 360.

When was Zone of the Enders - video game - created?

Zone of the Enders - video game - was created on 2001-03-01.

What is you favorite book?

Enders game

What you favorite book?

Enders game

Where can you read enders game online?

On Google.

Where can you get more information about the game Zone of The Enders?

There is a detailed Wikipedia article on the game called Zone of the Enders. One can also find information about this game at Game Stop, IMDb, and You Tube.

What is a sentence for inestimable?

The amount of stars in the galaxy is inestimable.

In the book enders game what evidence does the author use to support his ideas?

The author of the book Enders Game has used philosophy as evidence to support his ideas about the gay people.

Who is the leader of the Salamander Army in Enders Game?

Bonzo Madrid

Who is enders teacher from Ender's Game?

Dap and Mazer Rackham

What is the theme of the book enders game?

The theme of the book Ender's Game is Everybody lies.

What is the significance of the title enders game?

Calling "the game" Ender's implies that it is a game designed specifically for Ender.

What is James Maslow's favorite thing to do?

reading a book of Enders game

When did baseball player Trevor Enders play?

Trevor Enders debuted on September 2, 2000 and played his final game on September 29, 2000.

Why is the novel Enders Game titled Enders Game?

The main character is Andrew Wiggin also called Ender. The main character is Ender. He goes to Battle School and wins all the games in Battle School. When he commands a game, it's HIS game

Use inestimable in a sentence?

She found a gold coin of inestimable value while walking on the beach. Inestimable means a value that is too great to even value.

What kind of game is Zone of the Enders 2?

Zone of the Enders 2 is a science fiction video game. It takes place in space and is centered around warfare between opposing factions, including aliens.

Enders game who does peter like?

In the book Peter likes Valentine. The book is called Ender's Game.

Why did the formics attack earth in enders game?

They didn't know humans had intelligence.

Enders favorite position when battling in Ender's Game?

The enemy's gate is DOWN!

What is Lois Lowrys Favorite Book?

enders game by orison Scott card