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To bring a dog from Norway, first get a veterinarian to fill out papers in order to get a pet passport. The dogs must also be vaccinated for rabies.

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Q: What papers do you need to bring a dog from Norway?
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What do you need to bring dog to US?

In your private plane or in a ship you can bring it to u.s.a

Does your dog need papers to breed her?

Well, not necessarily...if you just want to breed your dog because you want puppies that you will keep or give away for no reason, you do not need papers for her...but if you want to breed her professionally and with a professionally bred stud, then you do need papers proving that she has no health issues and that she is a purebred. You will also need papers if you would like to enter her in showmanship competitions, or if you would like to enter her puppies into competitions like wise.

What kind of proof do you need to regain possession of a dog that was taken from you?

you need papers that show you are the owner and know what your talking about

What are some indicators that a miniature poodle is full-blooded besides the papers?

You would need pedigree papers to know for certain if the dog is a purebred poodle.

Where can I get the papers you need to take your dog to Mexico?

Try looking it up on Yahoo or ask a friend.

How would you get papers on a full blooded pomeranian that is about two years old that was gave to you with papers?

If it was given to you with papers, you will already have them. If you lost them or need new ones, you can contact the dog's breeder and request a replacement.

Does a dog have to be registered for show?

Only for entering serious Championship shows such as Crufts. Companion Dog shows do not need Kennel Club papers.

What do you need to bring when receiveing your license?

a pen a dog a notepad and your birth.....................................................................

What does a dog do to to have?

A dog has to have dog food, water, vet papers, adoption papers, a bed, a collar and leash, some toys and love.

Are pit bulls legal or not?

Yes it is, but in some states you would need insurance and papers(legal documents) on the dog(s). You need this just in case you have a conflict involving the dog(s).

What do i need to take for my dog when i go camping?

pooper scooper, dog food, dog bowls, same stuff you would bring if the dog was at home minus the cage, and if that dog has a favorite toy, bring it, to calm the dogs nerves during the drive there.

Can you sell a pure breed dog without papers?

You really shouldn't. A purebred dog should definitely have papers.