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On a 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham with a 5.7 Liter V8 it uses a Purolator L15313 oil filter.

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Where is the oil pump located in a 1990 Cadillac fleetwood?

its an internal engine part it is located inside the oil pan to get to it you must remove the oil pan from the engine and u will see a round screen that is the oil pump

Can you use a Oldsmobile part on a Cadillac?

Depends on the part

What is the part number for the instrument cluster for a 1988 fleetwood bounder RV?

Which part did you have in mind? The instrument cluster consists of several components, and one part number does not cover them all. Personally, if you're mechanically inclined, I would recommend you remove the part and get the manufacturer and part number from the part - chances are, it's not a component proprietary to Fleetwood, as their chassis are manufactured by third parties, and you will probably find it for less at a truck parts store such as Fleet Pride than you would ordering it through Fleetwood.

Why does Cadillac not sell the hole part?

they do?

Are Cadillac cars a part of Ford?


Does a 1999 dodge 1500 have an inline fuel filter?

No, only fuel filter is part of the pump in the tank.No, only fuel filter is part of the pump in the tank.

I found the oil filter on my 2009 Santa Fe but is that round black top part of the filter or is the filter under that cap?

The part that is visible (round black part) is the oil filter cartridge. Remove the cartridge and replace the paper filter and BOTH o-rings.

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Does a 1997 Dodge Dakota have an in line fuel filter?

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What part can you buy for a 1995 sedan deville to extend my fender on the back tires?

ask for the "fleetwood fenders"

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Where is the oil filter adapter on a 2000 caddilac deville?

Oil filter adapters on 2000 DeVilles are between the oil filter and the engine block, your oil cooler hoses from the radiator connect here also. To access the Oil filter adapter, remove the oil filter (spin-on cartridge) located about the center of the car (from left to right) behind the front cradle beam (looks like part of the frame) and the engine oil pan (aluminum). Cadillac Man

What companies make custom Cadillac hub caps?

The following companies make Cadillac Hubcaps: Hubcaps, JC Whitney, Andy Auto Sport, Hubcap Zone, Cadillac Europe, Part Train, Ultimate Auto Part Store, All Cads.

What is general motors part number 25646474?

I have that part # on a cadillac center console from an 02 deville

Where is the camshaft sensor on a 2000 Cadillac DeVille?

There is no camshaft sensor But the crankshaft sensor is above the Oil filter adaptor I bought one of these cars, very poor decision on my part. BEWARE of any northstar with over 80K on it.

Where is power steering filter on a 1998 jeep Cherokee?

No such partNo such part

What does the Deutch D367 oil filter fit?

a oil filter part of the car

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the water filter cartridge is broke off in the water filter housing. how can I get the broken part out. Kenmore 106.52582202 sise by side.

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