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The phagocytes, which are a type of white blood cells.



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Well, there are white blood cells which get rid of dead or damaged cells. Red blood cells are the main souce in your blood. It makes your blood red.

The structure involved in the breakdown of red blood cells are called macrophages. Macrophages are white blood cells that are in connective tissues. They are formed to accumulate damaged or dead cells.

Phagocytes that "eat" microorganisms and dead or damaged cells.

The spleen functions to filter out dead or damaged cells from the bloodstream. It also is a part of the immune system, as it stores white blood cells and is the primary site of antibody formation.

what happens if the brain cells are damaged? Your brain might be damaged permanently. You could be brain dead.

White blood cells engulf (eat) dead cells. They are like vacuum cleaners. :)

Blood stream and then used 2 repair damaged or to replace dead cells.

exactly that- dead blood cells! Maybe they are the things that gather and cause pimples!

White blood cells in the human body fight disease(s) by killing bacteria. They also rid the body of dead or damaged cells. They keep your immune system in check.

the spleen filters the blood for any dead or dameged cells.

Red blood cells are alive.

The spleen filters the red blood cells and removes dead cells.

If only the first layer of cells is damaged, then only the dead cells will be affected (and fall off). This acts as protection for the newer cells underneath.

disposes of dead blood cells (red blood cells, whites cells, etc.)

Dead skin cells and white blood cells.

The red blood cells are processed in the liver and the dead cells are sent to the spleen which is the red blood cell 'cemetery'

Its just because damaged cells alignment and dead cells

No, if they are dead nerve cells...

You have cells that continuously go to it as well as blood. If your dead, your blood and cells are not moving therefore your eyes don't get the coloration they are supposed to, because of lack of blood

White blood cells are the army of the blood. They fight off infection and when you have a blister, and pop it, and pus comes out, that is dead white blood cells.

The liver is important in removing dead red blood cells because it breaks the dead red blood cells into bilirubin which is coverted to bile and stored in the gall bladder and ferratin which is converted to iron and stored in the liver

to make a barrier from the environment? to repair other damaged/dead cells via mitosis.

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