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Q: What part of the world was Hitler from?
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What part of the world did Hitler control?


What time was Hitler part of the army?

Hitler served in the German army during World War One.

What part of the world did Hitler want to study art?


Did Hitler won World War 1?

Hitler wasn't part of world war I. He emerged as a savior to the German people before WWII.

How long was Hitler part of world war 2?

7 years

Who was the German dictator who started world war 2?

Adolf Hitler. Who was part ironicly part Jewish

How was Hitler a part of world War 1?

He was a soldier during WW 1.

What part of Czechoslovakia did Hitler acquire prior to world war 2?

The Sudetenland

What part did Adolf Hitler play in the outbreak of World War 2?

Hitler is responsible for starting World War 2 by invading Poland and violating the Versaiiles Treaty.

How did Hitler get powerful?

In part he was aided by the world-wide economic depression of the 30's. Hitler said the words that the Germans wanted to hear. === === === ===

How Hitler fell or why they are still in power?

Hitler was defeated in the world war II. The second part of your questions is unclear unless you tell us who is "they"

Was Hitler part of world was 2?

Yes, Hitler played a main role in WW2 and was actually responsible for WW2 starting in the first place.

How was Hitler a part of World War 2?

he was leading Germany to get his land back that was stolen from him at world war 1

Why did Britain take part in world war two?

Because Hitler invaded Poland

Who was the leader of Germany and the Nazi part during World War 2?

Adolph Hitler

What did Adolf Hitler have to do with World War 2?

Hitler was Fuhrer of Germany when world war 2 started Hitler had a major part in world war 2 because he sent german troops and the SS to invade countries in Europe such as France, Belgium, and the USSR. If you know what germany did during World War 2 then all of that was ordered by Adolf Hitler

Was Hitler part of World War 1?

Yes, he fought in the German army during WW1.

Who was part of the German high command in World War 2?

benito mussolini, adolf hitler

What caused Russia to be part of World War 2?

Hitler sold Stalin on the idea that together they could control/ rule the world.

How did Hitler shape the world today?


Was Hitler one of the alies?

No, Hitler and Germany was part of the Axis.

Was Hittler apart of World war 2?

Yes, Hitler was a part of WW2, he was the leader of the NAZI party.

What did Hitler do as a young man in World War 1?

In World War I Hitler voluntarily enlisted in the 16th Royal Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment (part of the 6th Royal Bavarian Reserve Infantry Division).

How many people did hitler kill in world war 1?

Hitler was part of World war 1 but did not killany body.Hitler killed people there. he killed 11 million people in world war 2.2and he was gay for killng all thouse people.

What political part was Hitler part of?

The Nazi party