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There is only one spot in the tongue to pierce. Its between two major blood vessels. If they miss, there is a broad chance to get killed.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-02 16:39:14
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Q: What part of your tongue should you get your tongue pierced?
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What is the 3rd most pierced body part?

the tongue

How long after you get your tongue pierced can you eat stuff that has yest?

you now what you should ask you doctor or the place that let you have your tongue pierced

Can you get your tongue pierced with geographic tongue?

Yes. I have geographic tongue, and have had it pierced twice.

Is Bill Kaulitz's tongue pierced?

Yes, he does have his tongue pierced.

Where can you get your tongue pierced at in Clinton?

Where can you get your tongue pierced at in Clinton, MO?

When did Synyster Gates get his tongue pierced?

yes he has his tongue pierced

Your tongue is starting to rip after you got it pierced what will you do?

You should probably talk to the person who pierced it, or a professional.

I got my tongue pierced and it has split a little around the hole will this heal?

I have my Tongue pierced too. I noticed the same cut, Was it self done? I have heard your tongue is the fastest healing part of your body so if you take out the jewelry it should heal right up.

Did Joe Jonas get his tongue pierced?

Joe Jonas didn't get his tongue pierced, but he did get his ears pierced.

Is it all right to have blood around your tongue piercing?

I don't have my tongue pierced but im guessing that its probably ok. You should asked the person that pierced it.

How old do you have to be to get your tongue pierced in Arizona?

It is against the law to get your tongue pierced in this state.

How long does your tongue have to be to get it pierced?

There is no length requirement for getting your tongue pierced. Anyone can get their tongue pierced with the exception of people that have their own personal and/or medical reasons.

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