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Q: What particles carry electric current through metal wires?
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How is the electric current carry through the solution of the ionic compounds?

by moving the ions

Why ionic sustances can conduct electricity?

An electric current needs free current carriers, i.e. charged particles. Those are available in an ionic substance (i.e., the ions carry the current).

What are the charged particles that carry an electric charge?


What does an electric current Carry?

Electric current carries electric charge. Actually to say it in the right sense, we have to say that electric current is the rate of flow of electric charges

Which particles carry an electric current around a circuit?

The particles that carry charge around a circuit are electrons. In some semiconductors, missing electrons in a crystalline structure (of silicon or germanium), caused by adding special impurities, form spaces called "holes" where there is a missing electron. These "holes" can also travel but, in the end, it is electrons that move in the opposite direction to fill those holes that carry the current.

What matter has the ability to carry an electric current?

An electrical conductor has the ability to carry an electric current. Most of the best conductors are metals such as copper. Water containing ions can also conduct an electric current (which lead-acid batteries rely on)

Electric current in a metal conductor is carried by?

Electric current in a metal conductor is carried by a wire. This wire has been specifically adapted to carry this current.

What do you call a material that wont carry an electric current?

An insulator

Does copper wire carry electric current?

It is a conductor & common in wiring.

Can electric current pass through alcohol Explain?

Yes, alcohol is a liquid and has delocalised electrons which can carry the electrical current. Edited: Seriously? Unless there are impurities in the alcohol that are electrolytes, alcohol will NOT conduct an electric current. Alcohols are considered as NON ELECTROLYTES, as they do not ionize and thus will not conduct a current. (Dr.J.)

Why do ionics compounds dissolved in water conduct an electric current?

When an ionic compound dissolves in water there are free ions which move and carry electric current.

Does nonelectrolytes conduct a current when made into a solution?

No. Electrolyte solutions contain ions, or charged particles, which are able to carry a current.