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What parts of the cow go in beef?

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All except the offal, head, legs, tail, and hide and most bones.

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What is beef and its parts?

a cow

Is cow beef?

The meat from cow is called beef.

Where do cow meat go?

"Cow meat" -- aka Beef -- gets eaten by humans.

What is beef tripe?

It is the stomach lining of a cow. Or go to wikipedia......

What part of the cow does ground beef come from?

Many diffrent parts of the cow actually. Mostly, it comes from when steak or another specific beef product is being trimmed, they ground up the trimmings.

What is the beef of the horse?

horses do not have beef. beef is on a cow.

What part of the cow is corn beef?

Corned beef is made from the brisket of a cow.

Hindi of beef?

Go maans , literal meaning flesh of cow.

What do Tim and mother do before they go to cut the beef from the cow?

Slaughter it.

Is beef made out of pig or cow?


Did beef sales go down because of mad cow disease?


Difference between cow and beef tenderloin?

A cow is an animal. A Beef Tenderloin is a kind of food.

What is a cow raised mainly for its meat?

A beef cow or a beef steer (castrated male bovine).

What part of cow does shredded beef come from?

The part of a cow that shredded beef comes from is the chuck roast. Shredded beef is also known as ground beef.

Has corned beef always came from a cow?

No, it comes from a potato. Yes. It is 'BEEF', beef comes from a cow, it always has and always will (hopefully)

Is steak the same as beef?

Beef is cow meat. Steak is a dish prepared using beef. It is taken from part of the cow and cooked.

Is a Jersey cow beef or dairy beef?


What do you get from a beef cow?

BEEF! It's what's for dinner!

What animal does corned beef come from?

Corned beef is just beef, but there is a process to make it 'corned'. Beef comes from a cow.Since it is cornBEEF I would expect a cow

What resource do you get from cow?

you get milk and the meat of the cow,beef

How many gallons of milk can a cow prouduse in five moths?

That all depends on the breed. Are you asking about a dairy cow or a beef cow, and what breed of dairy or beef cow?

Where can you buy half a cow?

At the butcher shop. You will have to go through a farm or ranch who sells beef on a personal level to get a half a cow.

Why did the wagyu cattle go from the field cow to the edible cow?

Because they are beef cattle raised so that their muscles can be eaten by humans.

What is the plural for beef?

Beef, there is no plural. You can say I have one beef cow or I have 100 beef cattle.

Why an uncooked groud beef cant stay in refrigerator more than 3 days?

This is because ground beef comes for various parts of the beef and spoils a lot faster then that of a steak. Steak and other cuts of beef can stay fresh longer because They are from parts of the cow that are known to not be effected by disease as other parts. Which is why ground beef should be cooked sooner rather then later.