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In addition to the meat, animals eat the skin, brain, organs, roe (eggs), milt (sperm), head and belly. Humans can as well. See "Cooking Alaskan By Alaskans," Alaska Northwest Books Pgs 69-73

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Do vegetarians eat salmon?

No. Salmon are animals and vegetarians do not eat them.

Tiny animals that salmon eat?

Salmon fish eat flies.

What do salmon fish eat?

Salmon fish eat aquatic animals like tadpoles, squid, and other smaller fish....

What animals eat Chinook salmon?

black bears

Animals or inhabitants in kodiak island that eat salmon?

== ==

What kind of animals does eat a egg and fry salmon?


How are bears omnivorous animals?

Because bears eat berries and they eat meat such as salmon.

What animals eat salmon berries?

There are not very many animals that feed on salmon berries. Some bears and certain types of birds feed on the berries.

What foods do eagles eat?

salmon, fish, farm animals, and meat

What did the klickitat tribe eat 200 years ago?

They eat salmon, roots, berrys and prarie animals!

What do salmon eat?

They eat other aquatic animals, like tadpoles, squid, and other smaller fish.

What did the yakima Indians eat?

Fish like salmon, buffaloes and other animals

What kind of food did the shasta tribe eat?

Acorns Game Animals And Salmon

What animals eat salmon?

In North America, bears eat salmon.Bears, wolves, eagles, seagulls ( when the salmon are young ), orcas, and other fish. Also humans eat alot of salmon.SealsSea LionsDolphins & PorpoisesKiller WhalesSalmon SharksBirds of Prey, such as Osprey and EaglesBears & WolvesHumans

What does abear eat?

A Bear Eats Fish And Small Animals Ex:Rabbit,Trout,Salmon

Do salmon eat seaweed?

no, salmon do not eat seaweed

Can cockatiels eat salmon?

They can't eat salmon.

What food does the Tlingit Indians eat?

Traditionally, they ate (and still do eat) wild berries, salmon, and other sea animals.

Do orcas eat salmon?

Yes, Orcas will eat salmon.

Do salmon eat algae?

Yes, salmon do eat algae.

Can animals eat feet?

All parts of Humans and Animals are edible

What do animals eat in a coniferus forest?

Moose eat conifer needles. I'v also seen a squirrel eat a giant mushroom. There are also berries, mosses, sparse grasses, salmon(during salmon run in canada/alaska), smaller animals, insects, decomposing wood, decomposers, Honey.

Do bald eagles eat salmon?

Yes, bald eagles do eat salmon but only if the salmon are young.

What bears eat salmon?

Bears eat salmon to get ready for hibernation.

What animals class is a salmon?

A salmon is a type of fish.