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What parts would make a 1996 Yamaha Waverunner 3 go faster?


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Yamaha motorcycle parts can be purchased in a variety of locations. One important location would be a Yamaha dealership or an automotive store is that is authorized to sell parts and products from Yamaha for motorcycles.

on any engine good compression would be anything over 100psi, though really good can be up to 150+ anything under 90psi and your engine will not run.

Found this link via google and it answers your question. I have just purchased a 1990 waverunner LX and was looking for the same info. A PWC mechanic did tell me 32:1 ratio. I own a Yamaha 1989 Wave runner, and the fuel to Oil ratio is 50:1. Hope this helps, i guess there is a bit of a difference between the 1990 adn 1989.

If they both are stock then they are about the same. I would rather have the yamie though their more reliable.

I would say so...but the newer bikes are made differently in like the sleves and crank shafts and what not. But in true honesty it depends on what parts you are wanting to put on it.

Stock straight off the line would prolly go 60-70 mph but if tuned it can go faster easily.

Not necessarily. Cells in different parts of plants and animals reproduce (divide) at different rates. It would depend on what parts of the organisms you are comparing. For example: the ends of plant roots grow a lot faster than the other parts, and hair cells in animals grow faster than cells in other parts of the body.

well it depends if they are both stock or not, if they are both stock, a banshee would probably beat the 450 in top end.

If you are talking about the 1980 Yamaha Enticer, the top speed would be 55mph.

i would say a kx 100 would go about 70 mph. it could go faster though if you put aftermarket parts on it.

i would like a wiring dagram to a 1981 Yamaha xj550h where can i get a free diagram

A 1999 Yamaha YZF-R1 would be making about 150bhp brand new out of the box.

I have owned both.. still have the yamaha... it's only my personal opinion, but I would go with the yamaha...

3Mbps would be faster 1024Kbps would be 1Mb which is double. 3Mbps would be 6 times faster.

I've never ridden a Yamaha 125 before, but if I were to give my opinion just by looking at it, I would say it is in the running of a motorcycle I would consider buying. It looks fantastic, and Yamaha is a brand that I tend to trust quite a bit.

if they are both 4 wheelers , mmmmm.... i would go with the Honda . If one's a dirt bike , the dirt bike will smoke the 4 wheeler. They may go aboout the same .

i would say yes, Yamaha are generaly over all a good make for keyboards.

I believe that would be Yamaha, because I know that Yamaha music products have that logo.

Probably not, they are different sized frames and the mounts would be diffent.

The amount that Yamaha pays to endorse their product would be a private matter and not in the public domain.

depends on your weight. a lightweight rider can get good results from 6 gram rollers where a heavy rider would benefit from 4 gram rollers.

650 has 63mm bore and the 400 has 69mm ... don't think it would fit

A Yamaha warrrior is a good 4 wheeler mine all stock would go 59 to 65mph

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