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What people came to the southern colonies?

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the people that were in the southern colonies were the puritans and also the Quakers and they got along very well.

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What did the people come to the southern colonies for?

people came to the southern colonies for wealth and practically freedom.

Why did people come to the Southern colonies?

People came to the southern colonies primarily for religious tolerance and the generous land grants.

What is the connection between West Africa and the Southern Colonies?

This is where the people who were forced into slavery came from.

How did southern colonies cook?

how did people in the southern colonies cook

Was there slavery in the southern colonies?

yes, slavery was allowed in the southern colonies. Most slaves came from the north east coast of Africa

Why did native Americans come to the southern colonies?

they came here because they they did not know it was the southern colonies space and they liked it.

Where did the southern colonists come from?

the colonists for the southern colonies came from new England

What Immigrants came to the Southern Colonies?

the puritans and the Quakers

What bad things came out of the southern colonies?


How are the thirteen colonies different from each other?

The northern colonies have subsistence farming. The southern colonies have great soil for farming. The people in the northern colonies mainly came for religious freedom. The southern colonies mainly came for economic opportunities. Slaves were needed in the south to help with crops, but not needed in the north except to show off their owner's money.

What were some of the reasons colonists came to the southern colonies?

some people came looking for gold, some came for religious freedom, and some people came to work as indentured servants. (others who came were slaves or forced slaves.)

What countries did the immigrants in the southern colonies come from?

they came from italy

Who settled in southern colonies?

The southern colonies included North Carolina, South Carolina, and Maryland. The people who settled in the southern colonies were British nobleman.

What was the reasons why the Southern colonies were founded?

The southern colonies were founded because it was discovered that these colonies were rich in natural resources. People thought that the southern colonies would make them rich.

Why would people move away from the southern colonies?

people moved away from the southern colonies cause off slavery

Who where the people in the southern colonies?


What type of people lived in the Southern Colonies of the US?

Enslaved Africans that lived in the Southern Colonies,colonists the Croations ,

Southern Colonies people?

john winthrop

Famous people in southern colonies?


Did people in the southern colonies have pets?


What people moved to the southern colonies?


In Maryland where did the the settlers come from?

they came from the middle, new England or southern colonies.

Compare and contrast the New England and southern colonies?

The people of the New England colonies, for the most part, came to America so they could practice their chosen religion freely. The Southern settlers usually came to America for a business opportunity or for an entrepreneurial purpose. While both colonies had slavery at one time, it was much more common in the south than the north. The southern colonies tended to have large farms or plantations, while those in the New England colonies tended to be small. The southern colonies tended to be predominantly members of the Anglican church, while the religions in the New England colonies were more diverse.

How was life in the colonies shaped by where people lived?

The colonies were separated into the New England Colonies, the Middle Colonies, and the Southern Colonies.

What type of colony is the southern colony?

Southern colonies were a rural type of colony. The southern colonies were very rich with agriculture. These colonies were also a place to live for the wealthy. Since the southern colonies had many wealthy people, there were also a lot of slaves.