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These is the people that was not presidents that are or were on us money.

  1. Benjamin Franklin - $100 bill and Franklin half dollar coin
  2. Alexander Hamilton - $10 bill and $1,000 bill at a time
  3. John Marshall - $500 bill at one time.
  4. Salmon P. Chase - $10,000 bill
  5. Unnamed Indian - Indian Head or Buffalo nickel
  6. Sacajawea - Sacajawea dollar coin
  7. Lady Liberty - Standing Liberty dollar coin, The Winged Liberty or "Mercury" dime, and at a time the one cent coin
  8. Susan B. Anthony - Susan B. Anthony dollar coin

During the civil war, they issued a new series paper bills in several denominations.

Spencer M Clark, a low level employee of the Treasury Department slipped his own picture onto a 5 cent note . The resulting objection led to a law forbidding the portrait of living people on US currency.

Other legal tender US notes appeared from time to time with pictures of Martha Washington, explorers Lewis and Clark, Henry Clay, Daniel Webster.

and John Marshall.

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Q: What people who was not presidents have been on US money?
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